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The Five Brothers

By Sunset Symphony

There once were five brothers,
standing alone on the shore.
All were the same as the others,
yet variant from each of the four.

One looked to the East, and cried,
“I can stand my bonds no more!”
With that, the brother took to sky,
leaving behind the other four.

He soared, he swooped, he circled ’bout,
Until, at last, he found a perch.
He sighed, “I’ve landed without
a thing but a warm spot in this birch.”

There still were five brothers,
and four alone by a tree.
All were the same as the others,
yet variant from those same three.

One looked to the South, and howled,
“A grander life lies there for me!”
He grunted, snorted, then he growled,
then darted off, abandoning the three.

He ran, he bellowed, and more he ran.
At length, he stumbled and fell cold.
He sobbed, “I’ve run all that I can!
I could not last to reach my goal.”

And yet remained five brothers,
with three under the sky’s blue.
All were the same as the others,
while standing apart from the two.

One looked to the West, and moaned,
“I want to feel the ocean’s call!”
He leapt and paddled into the foam,
Leaving the brothers to fly or fall.

He paddled, stroked, and swam away.
In time, he saw naught but sea.
He groaned “This is my last day.
My heart has run away with me.”

But still there were five brothers,
with two who weren’t so fast.
Each was the same as the other,
with differences wonderfully vast.

One looked to the North, and thought,
“This place is wild, too ‘jump-the-gun’.”
He lumbered off, and left naught
but sand and trees and brother one.

He lumbered on, never looking back,
when he found a mountain peak so high.
“Although excitement, this place lacks,
I’m content to watch the world go by.”

And yet, there were five brothers,
and just one had stood his ground.
And in this one, all of the others,
balancing each other, could be found.


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