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The Faces of The Lord

The Wanderer:

God of the East, Water, friend of Gabriel the Archangel. Lord of Youth. This face is young men everywhere. It also encompasses childhood. He wanders the world searching for pretties to catch the eye of the Maiden. He is very passionate about everything, whether it is romance or fighting.

This face relates to people not very well. He is self-centered, and very self-involved. Conceited, arrogant and temperamental are also parts of His nature. This is the face with the worst temper. However, to balance all of this, He is considerate, chivalric, and caring. He cares with a passion that is almost indescribable. He loves passionately and with a great deal of fervor.

He can be likened to the young Buck. The awkwardness and tentativeness in His stride, the flash-fire of a challenge and the overwhelming pride and arrogance.

This faces’ months are February, March, and April. His holiday is on the Spring Equinox. His moon phase is the first quarter waxing to Full.

He holds the mysteries of youth and innocence.

The Hunter:

Lord of the South, The Earth, friend of Raphael, God of Adulthood. Any male between 18 and 45. He is a quintessential Father, to compliment the Mother.

At first glance, this face seems cold, but in reality He is only consumed with His duty to His family. He works to support the Mother and all of the other faces of the Lady and Lord, to provide Them with a better life. He can be loving and gentle, but that is not His primary job. He teaches about the realities of the world. He does try to teach constructively, however, He will teach using any means necessary to get the lesson across.

This is the face most often called upon when speaking to or of “the Lord”. In this aspect, He has overlordship of all animals, not just the ones of the herd. He is a companion to ALL the totems and He knows their essence. He is most often seen as the “leader” as head of the family unit.

He can be likened to the King Stag. Powerful, controlled, charismatic, dramatic and majestic. All Males must respect him and those who do not are either shown the error of their ways or driven forth from the herd. He is the archetypical leader.

His time of the Moon is Full and His months are May, June and July. His holiday is Midsummer.

He holds the mysteries of Fatherhood and Maturity.

The Sage or Guide:

Lord of the West and Fire. Friend and companion of Uriel, the Archangel of Death. God of the Elderly. He is God to those who are 50 or older. Companion and lover of the Crone (just because He’s old, doesn’t mean He is dead.) Keeper of wisdom and history. Teacher of the young.

This face is the old man. At times He can be a “coot”, and mostly He is calm. Think of Yoda. That is how the Guide acts. He has learned much from His time as a youngster, but it has enriched him rather than embittering him.

Most often, He appears as a harmless, powerless old man, one always speaking about the “good old days”. However, simply because He is old, doesn’t mean He’s forgotten any of His skills. He has learned manipulation and patience. He can be hell on wheels if He chooses to be, due to favors owed to him, but He prefers to get people to do what He wants by persuasion rather than coercion. He can be stubborn as a mule, but He can be persuaded as well.

He teaches by parable and story, trying (sometimes) to see if you are listening by boring you to death. He also has a wicked sense of humor, having learned to laugh at himself finally. He can also be an irreverent cuss who doesn’t care who thinks what about him. His experience and wisdom make him invaluable when advice is needed about something having to do with human nature. He is a true scholar in many ways, but it is not solely for the purpose of acquiring knowledge. In many ways, He wants to be part of a contemporary society, but will sacrifice that pleasure to live how He wishes to.

August, September and October are this face’s months. Mabon is His holiday and His time is during the Last Quarter of the Moon.

The Warrior:

Lord of the North and Air. Friend, companion and ally to Michael the Archangel. God of Soldiers, Warriors, Mercenaries and Policemen. Allied with the Guardian face of the Lady (mutual protection pact). Knowledgeable of all forms of tactics, strategy, warfare and every form of Martial Art and weapon, from flint clubs to Nuclear weapons.

Many mistakenly think this face is evil and should not be acknowledged at all. While it is true that this face has been called upon for many tragedies of the past (and in some cases) reveled in during combat, the same face that enjoyed World War II as much as the Nazis is the same face that is called upon to help the Americans and British to defend and free people in the death camps. The aggressive Warrior is also the Defender.

He is well built, not so heavily muscled as the Hunter, but with a lithe athleticism and movements of grace and power. The panther’s movements are similar. He has emotions, but they very rarely rule him. He usually buries them as useless in combat, adding nothing to Him and detracting from His strength. He can be a berserker, but most often He is a passionate Warrior who channels His passions into his actions. Attempting to beat him martially is almost impossible, but it can be done in one area at a time. A normal human has no hope of approaching His accomplishments. Along with all of this, Duty, Honor, Accountability, and all the philosophies and pseudo-religions built around the Martial Arts are part and parcel of Him, but don’t make the mistake of believing that He is gullible. He also knows about Treachery and will guard against it.

He is willing to teach any aspect of combat to anyone He chooses to. But, like most Martial Arts teachers, He tests the applicants in various ways to ensure He is not wasting His time. He can seem cold and controlled, but He has the same emotions as everyone else. He is not interested in sex or making love, but is only interested in protecting those who are.

November, December, and January are His months. The New Moon is his time of the month, and Yule is His holiday.

He is not unintelligent about the danger He takes on. He plans and does His best to overcome what He goes into.

Because Air is in the North and the life point is after death and before birth, this is the Summerlands or the Astral Plane. Due to all of this, the Warrior can move to anywhere He is needed.

He is neither a nurturer nor a provider. He is a Darwinist. Survival of the fittest is His law.

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