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The Dianic Legend of the Pentagram

(Note from Erin: This was a handout at a basic Wicca class I took in Grand Prairie Texas. It was given out to illustrate the myth of the Pentagram, but I think it is a wonderful journey of discovery and learning. It illustrates the cycle of Life, the four elements along with the Spirit, the Faces of the Goddess [unfortunately missing the Protector/Warrior] and shows how the process of learning is. It is not of my authorship, and I don’t have explicit permission to post this, but if the authors will contact me, I will obey their wishes in regards to publication here.

Rainbow Studies Meditation

The Dianic Legend of the Pentagram

Long, long ago, before time was measured, the luminous Goddess looked down upon the earth at all that had originally sprung from her womb. She contemplated on Her wonders and yet was saddened, for She saw much anguish, fear, and hatred among Her earthlings. She realized that without Love and proper knowledge, all Her earthly gifts were useless, and so prepared to travel to earth’s cornerstone and teach its wonders.

She knew well the evils which would be fall Her and devised a plan. First, She cleansed the earth with Her tears. Then She disguised Herself by dividing Her will into three earthly personifications: the Maiden Nymph, the Mother, and the Elder Crone Lady of Wisdom. She raised Her awesome Hunter’s Bow, arched it from North to East toward the earth’s surface, and called upon Aurora to color it with pastels so the earthlings would see though Her tears fell as rain, beauty and love would touch them. She dressed Her three “selves” in silver threads, placed a star upon the breast of each, and called upon the Cosmic Winds to carry Her forth.

When the Winds waned to a whisper, the three Ladies stood in the midst of a garden of daises and baby’s breath. The Golden Solar Disc warmed their bodies and the Maiden became full with joy and began to dance. She touched each flower and sang of the sweet scents that floated up to the heavens. She dreamed as a new life, wanting to experience all, and ran to the others with the freshness of Her Youth for She WAS new, and new knowledge ran rapidly through Her. The mother stopped to linger and draw in the sights. For it was truly beautiful, this earth where such glorious growth blossomed, and with pride She laughed and sang and found bells to ring as a butterfly encircled Her head. But only a smile showed on the lips of the Elder for She knew this was only the beginning and there was much to see and do before journey’s end. And so She had brought three tools with Her; the secret of love, a wand or staff, and a Great Book. When the Maiden bestowed a kiss upon the Elder for She knew that with faith She would be guided that only the Elder held the mystery of the Ancient Knowledge.

And so they set out to find the Land of the South, for the time of childhood must end for all. As They went, an owl rode on the Elder’s Shoulder.

The days warmed, plants bearing flowers were robbed of their nectar as bees made honey; fruits began to show themselves and food abounded. The Maiden began to taste of herbs and other earthly riches. In Her enthusiasm, She ran ahead of the Mother and the Elder who had slowed Their pace, for on this day the heat of the Solar Disc was as a flame. Then, suddenly, the Maiden’s sweet song became a cry of fear, and the Mother and the Elder quickened Their steps.

The Maiden, deeply engrossed in the wonders of this new-found land, had not noticed the Phantoms of the Sword who stood watching, waiting his opportunity to seize Her. And so, before the Mother and Elder could reach Her, She was taken away to the Temple of the Flames.

The Mother and the Elder were still searching for Her when a Serpent appeared in Their path. In fear, the Mother crouched behind the Elder, but the Wise Lady spoke to the Serpent and asked where the Maiden been taken. The Serpent spoke saying: “‘Tis a dreadful temple filled with fire in which the Maiden is held. A circle of flame surrounds it and there is deception, for the essence of there is sweet. And ’tis there the Maiden burns the precious herbs to release Her anguish and pain.” On hearing this, the Mother became full with the courage of Her love, and raising Herself, lit a torch of fire to burn away the evil which had befallen the Maiden. But the Elder took up Her wand and summoned the Winds to extinguish the torch, saying: “Fire cannot be fought by fire.” And, again, the Serpent spoke: “I will tell You the secret of the flame. Though it burns with the bright fierceness in the day and nothing may pass its strength, in the dark of the night the Phantoms sleep and the fire burns down to a flame that is the glowing and blue… no longer a threat, but a circle of protection. It is then when the Maiden may escape.” The Serpent continued to speak to Them, revealing much, and when the darkness was at its peak, the Serpent lead Them to the Temple of Flames.

All was as the Serpent had said, and the Elder looked into the glowing-blue flame and knew its magick. She saw the eyes of the Maiden through the flame and Knew that through the scourge of the flames, She had been purified. When the Mother saw the Maiden in Her imprisonment, tears of love welled up within Her and came flowing out as a river. And the river flowed toward the Maiden, gently caught and carried Her safely through the flames. The Phantoms were wakened, but were powerless against the Mother’s Love and let the Ladies pass from the temple. But they stopped the Elder to inquire of what great powers the Ladies possessed that even Swords could not be raised against. And the Elder smiled, and said: “The Mother’s tears are the strength of love. Love is the great power against which even Swords are helpless.”

For the rest of that night, They rested and rejoiced at being together again. In the morning, the Serpent directed Them toward the Western Quarter and bid Them a blessed parting, for the Serpent knew these Ladies to be Goddesses.

They traveled on, and with each step the Earth began to turn colors; vegetables ripened, and thought flowers withered and leaves picked up their colors, reminding Them of the Great Arch of Color upon which the Winds had carried Them to earth. The day shortened, but they did not slacken Their pace until at last They came upon a hilltop and, looking down, saw a most wondrous sight.

There, below Them, thirteen towering stones stood as Amazons surrounding a great pool of clear, blue water, and They knew They had reached the Land of the West. They made Their way down the hill and, tired and worn, sat upon the still, green grass at the edge of the pool to rest and refresh Themselves. They looked into the water and knew that the blue water, like the blue flame, was protection. They sipped of the water and gazed at Their reflection, and the Echo of the Waters spoke to Them, saying: “See Thyselves, for this be a divination. First is insight, that You may give out a reflection to others, for water is the tide of Love.” The Echo then directed its words to the Mother: “Eternity shall by Yours, for You hold the unending Cup of Love. ‘Tis Your body from which Life springs forth, and so too the soil. And from this day, it shall be called Mother Earth. Your breasts shall feed the masses of life with love, for all creatures need love.” The Echo went on for all to hear: “Within You, as One, is all life, for You are eternally the Maiden learning, the Mother protecting and loving, and the Elder who holds the gathering of all living knowledge. Look into the pool and see that each cornerstone of the earth, each element, and each creature is most important. And in every earthling is a temple. And I say unto You that there are five points: East and Air, South and Fire, West and Water, and the Northland of Earthly darkness are only important when the temple within the earthling knows them well. The fifth point, then, is the Mind Spirit.” As the Echo continued, the Maiden and Mother began to sleep and dream, for the rest was only for the Elder’s ears. The Echo spoke on, and She reflected in the water, and listened, and learned the secrets of the five points, visualizing in the water a pentagram within a circle. And She said to the Echo:

“This is to be my symbol, for while I now know why there are five points to the star, I know too that I need to protect My earthlings who see this light. So shall I encircle the star, and all who know this symbol shall wear it and call it a ‘pentagram’, and I shall see and protect them, one and all.”

Dusk drew near; the Elder awakened the others and They went on Their way after bidding the Echo a “Blessed Be”. And as They went, the Elder spoke words of strength to the Maiden and Mother, for They were headed toward the darkness and mystery, and only She knew the passage.

They traveled long and hard through the darkness which drew around Them. The earth had become a mass of rocks with sharp points which cut Their feet. The Elder leaned heavily on the wand, using it as a staff to guide Her. The Maiden and Mother held on to Her robes for only She was able to see the way. She read to Them from the Great Book as They went, and indeed, it cast a shadowed light which enabled Her to move on. But, though the chill and cold were upon Them, the memory of the blue flame warmed Them and kept fear from Them.

Exhaustion finally prevailed; it became impossible to forge on, and They sat upon a huge rock to rest. There seemed to be no life around Them, only the constant darkness which was greatly feared by earthlings for they believed that only in light was safety. Then, from the Earth itself, appeared a gnome-like creature who gruffly said to the Elder: “How dare You, who are mortal and of light, wander into the land of earth and darkness? Be Thee aware that only death prevails here? Have you come to give way to the cold and darkness? For this is the end of all living; this is the ordeal! And once here, You may never return to whence You came?” The Maiden and Mother, full of fear, began to give way to the darkness, when the Elder quickly took Their hands and, turning thrice deosil, She became One again within Her “Self”. And at Oneness She proclaimed: “Darkness, I fear thee not, for when I leave you I shall light up the skies with Pentagrams and a luminous disc! I say to you that there shall always be death, but death shall be the joy of release! There must be death and cold for only then can the earthlings know warmth of life. There is an unknown land between the north and the east that each soul must cross. My children have only to reach to Me, hold fast to Me with rock hard faith, and I shall guide them through the unknown, for darkness and earth into light and life. Away with your darkness and cold! For I am a Living Goddess! Light, laughter, and love are My guides, and death be only a part of living, for the circle never ends!”

She called the Winds to come forth, and mounting the Great Arch of Color, commanded it to carry Her again into the Land of the East. And entering the East again, but this time as Her true self, She summoned an Ancient One. She handed her the Great Book containing all knowledge and said:

“Knowledge is a key. Another is the development of the mind spirit, and the third key is to call upon Me as the One True Goddess of Three Forms. Tell My earthlings of these words. And one last sign I leave with you – salt. For all must understand that the salt of the earth is love through trust, and salt is the great preserver.”

She floated about the entirety of earth’s surface, sprinkling salt, saying: “Let this be a sign of the purity of My children and the knowledge that ever I will preserve My Children of the light.”

Then, at the center of the earth, She stood, and Her children of the light formed a circle around Her. They sang and chanted Her name in praise as She summoned the Winds and became a spiraling cone that whirled into the skies and became the Moon! Her earthlings bid Her a merry parting and knew in their hearts that She indeed remained there within them, for hanging around their necks were silver medallions – Pentagrams – covering their breasts.

K.A.M. Newsletter
Pages 3-6
Our thanks to the ladies Morgana and Alexandria


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