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The Creed of Seax-Wica

(Daven’s Comment: This is a creed that is used in one Seax-Wican coven.  They use it and copy it into their individual copies of The Tree.  It was shared recently on “The Official Seax-Wica List” and it was modified somewhat there, and this is the final copy.   It’s very good and encapsulates the beliefs of Seax-Wicans very well.)

The Creed of Seax-Wica

(A modification of the creed version supplied by Kent Wiccan )

  1. We Acknowledge Woden and Freya as the Gods we wish to Honor in Group Rituals, and will honor both at all Group Esbats and Sabbats, Understanding that both Woden and Freya are both uniquely individual and at the same time while quite different COMPLETELY EQUAL. We may also invoke other deities of the Germanic pantheon as required for our purpose.
  2. We Acknowledge both Self Dedication and Group Initiation as Valid forms of entry into The Seax-Wica, neither is less or more important then the other. We are not Bound into a Coven, and my leave at any time and start our own Study Group or Coven- or leave the Seax-Wica itself if we should so choose. Freely did we enter, and Freely may we depart, for we are free.
  3. We Acknowledge calling ourselves Wiccan does not make us Wiccans, but neither does anything else of this world; the true initiator is the divine alone. ALL ELSE is AT BEST devout requesting, and possibly acting as a very junior partner in the divine labor. Reading one Book and then proclaiming that we are Wiccans does not make us Wiccan. It takes time, hard work, and study to achieve that state. Wicca has all the ‘Fluffy Bunnies’ it needs, and far more than are necessary.

    This tendency to read one book and declare oneself a Wiccan has been taught in error many times over the years. Truly, there is but one source of a TRUE initiation and is, in fact, the Divine itself. ALL ELSE is but a channel of communication- or is foolishness and confusion. If one is false in one’s initiation, though be it one of the highest art and finest ceremony and artistic beauty, the deceitful heart remains and will taint the rest. If one is true and desiring and dedicated of intent then the performance of the crudest and most informal of solitary ceremonies of self initiation, then thou are of The Seax-Wica. The true dedicated heart is received, and The Gods shall know their own- and who is not, and in due time the wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing shall become known, and cast out as such.

  4. This is a path of learning, study, experiment, note taking and much discussion with out peers. One of our goals is to show ourselves and others that we Seax-Wicans can be as Serious and Dedicated as any other Religion. This Way is not just a fad; it is a way of living our lives to the Fullest with all the Gods have to offer. Someone having a true heart, full of desire to know the Gods, who has read a book of factual information, may eventually be seen as a promising Novice, but they are by no means a High Priest or High Priestess and are not an Elder. Until the milestones that those who have come before are passed, the novice does not have the wisdom of their elders. They can earn it, the opportunity is there, but time will tell
  5. We Acknowledge the work that has been done to bring us that which we see as Seax-Wica. This has been almost entirely of Raymond Buckland’s effort, but several others have also given their sweat and blood to expand that which we know as Seax-Wica. But we do not feel bound to them or their Work. They are elder brothers and sisters, not masters and while their wisdom and knowledge is cherished, they have no call upon us other than the respect of a Teacher.
  6. We Acknowledge that The Tree is the base and essential organizational skeleton and liturgical foundation of Seax-Wica. Despite that, we do not feel tied to it, since Wicca is an ever living and growing religion. We are free to add to Seax-Wica if we so feel the need. We are confident that no genuine addition would contradict what came before it, only refine and expand upon it.
  7. We Acknowledge that Seax-Wica is open to all, regardless of gender, race, prior creed, politics, hair style, poverty or wealth, sexual orientation, imprisonment or nationality, provided that they seek us for their betterment and in true fellowship, not for ulterior motives. We are all equal before the Gods; it is incumbent upon us to remember that being equal before the Gods mandates that we are equal to each other as well.
  8. We are not bound to an Oath of Secrecy. There is but one oath, and that to love the Gods and those in kinship with their Love, for Love is the Law and Love is the Bond. We Feel that Seax-Wica is an extended Family and this Family is built on the Love of the Gods and each Other, and that is what is most important of all.

    Nevertheless, to be in accord with the Love of the Gods it is necessary that there be a respect for the privacy of our Brothers and Sisters of Seax-Wica, since revealing that they are Wiccan can place them in bodily jeopardy, mental and emotional strain, and can have adverse effects on their livelihood or their blood family lives. Only a Wiccan can reveal they are Wiccan to others without prior consent being given.

  9. We Acknowledge that Seax-Wica is a Modern form of Witchcraft. It was created that all may take part in this love for the Gods. We have never, nor shall we ever claim to be ‘older then Dirt’ or that our line goes back into pre-history. Wicca is a modern Religion, started by Gerald Gardner with aid from others, with some elements of the practice going into the mists of time. It has many elements of Ceremonial Magic and older forms of Pagan practice, as well as Folk Charms. Wicca, as we know it now, is in itself a modern creation. It was created to answer a need, and as such when it ceases to answer that need, it will vanish like all other things.

    Raymond Buckland was a student of Gerald Gardner. What Raymond learned from Gerald was taken and repackaged into a new Tradition called Seax Wicca. He did this without breaking his Oath to the Gardnerian Tradition. We Feel whoever claims that Wicca or any other NeoPagan Religion is ‘As old as Time’, is only fooling himself- or were themselves fooled.

  10. We hold that while not well understood, that the gods are real and alive. They are not imaginary, nor are They puppets dancing to our tune and will. They have Their own consciousness and purposes. We freely admit we do not comprehend with perfect understanding the details of how They came to be. We hold that that They are of goodwill to mankind, and willing to give such aid as They can should we desire it, yet also seeking that we stand well upon our own feet. The seeker, wise in the methods and of developed skill and sensitivities, does well to go directly to The Gods’ Presence, there to bask in Their Wisdom. If ever should the seeker thirst, the seeker should first look to the Font of the Gods’ in which to quench that thirst.

    The Gods are trustworthy and most likely to grant aid and comprehension if asked so long as there is no overriding concern that we cannot know. The novice would do well to learn for a little while from an elder, no matter how many years or decades it takes. The first few stages the novice goes through there is a temptation to use what they are just learning, without necessarily knowing how to use it properly. The Gods and the Elders are there to help and guide the novice’s way.

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One Response to “The Creed of Seax-Wica”

  1. Eli says:

    The Frist Version of this creed was Written By Daniel Kent Williams, Kent Wiccan is my Old user Name…

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