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HomeUpdates The Creation Dance, The Spiral Dance

The Creation Dance, The Spiral Dance


I was having a dream.

In this dream, the Goddess came to me. She spoke to me about the mysteries and about the whole of creation.

She showed me a dance. The Great Spirial Dance, the one with the connections to Creation, all the steps, where stomping created a lake, and a pirouette made a mountain and a shout brought clouds to be. She showed me the greater dance and helped me to understand that there was dances throughout the multiverse, each dancer working on his or her own place in the universe, all of them treading measures connecting to each other through the dance. Bringing to fruition the complete creation of the universe, making planets and suns.

She told me one of the secrets. She told me that not everyone was ready for the Dance. That there were many who ignored the call to the dance for what was safe, what was calm, what brought them no responsibility. The Dance brought peril, since whatever you made in the Dance, you were responsible for evermore. You had an obligation to make the dance as perfect as possible since that would ensure that the creation was perfect.

YHVH erred in his steps in the Dance. Other deities erred as well. They were looking after us. From time to time it would show itself in direct action to help us humans, since we were not perfect.

But to those who cast off their own inadequacies, who decided the creation was more important than the fear of error and who could think ahead and creatively visualize what could happen were allowed to take their first tentative steps in the Dance, with the goal of becomming like the deities who tread it as their life.

And the universe opened for me. I knew things I had wondered about and speculated on, I understood why suddenly. Why the stars moved, why death was part of life, why the Gods didn’t show themselves, why we were abandoned, why humanity was struggling. All the whys I had wondered I knew the answers to.

All I had to give up was my fear.

My fear of failure, my fear of mistakes. I had to sacrifice them to the Gods to join in their ecstacy and their dance of life. I had to finally understand that if I made a mistake, so be it. The trick was to not make that particular mistake again, to learn from it and grow beyond it. To keep going despite failure. And to understand that we learn as much from our failures as we do from our achievments. And I had to let that fear go.

And once it was gone, How Beautiful The World Is.

EDIT: This wasn’t a dream that you have when sleeping, it was a dream that you have as a waking dream. I was sitting at my desk and suddenly I had this vision. Don’t ask me why or where, but I did. One part of it was to show others who were reading it that the Gods aren’t perfect and that WE can create.

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