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The Astral Plane

(Note from Daven: This is a post that I put up on one of the teaching threads I have at Ancient Sites in response to a question about the Astral Plane. It’s a representation of how I think the Astral Plane works. Note, this is my opinion, and what I am comfortable with. It’s what I think the planes are and how they are structured. As always, your mileage may vary.)

The Astral Plane

Heaven. The Summerlands. Valhalla. Mount Olympus. Hell. Hades. The Abyss. Underhill.

All of these names conjure up visions of different places. Streets paved in Gold, and Greek Columns are only a few of many possible views we could have when we talk about the Astral Plane.

All of these places exist in only one place. Mercedes Lackey’s view of Underhill (as described in Chrome Circle) is an accurate description of the Astral Plane.

Different beings have claimed areas of their won and imposed their Will on a particular area and molded it into what they wish it to be. Some have made their areas into havens and others into the realms of nightmares. Some areas are keyed only to those with a specific vibrational state, and some are open to all. Some are traps.

How you view these areas depends entirely on your own wish (will). If you want to be there, you can be. If you want to adventure through the unformed to find a specific locale, you can. On the Astral Plane, unlike the material world, your Will controls all.

Having experimented extensively on this plane, I have been able to create an entire area for my own use. There I have homes created living trees, a sentient house, one that is normal in every way and this “pocket” is a safe haven to many. To those dwelling there, they are all there is. And those dwelling there are portions of my own mind. Through the self-discovery process, I awoke many buried pieces of myself and they responded to my scrutiny by developing personalities of their own. They are now people, and it makes me wonder if that is how we came into being, as pieces of someone else, who woke us up. They now have souls, and can go on to have perfectly normal lives and deaths and re-births through their own karmatic cycles.

Because I have set the border to repel everyone except those I know of (the slivers), NO ONE else can enter that area.

At first, I had no protection on that area, but one of the inhabitants encountered some “elves” who were trying to lure her away with them. Someone alerted me to this and I was able to recover her, then I put the protections in place.

I asked a few of my friends to watch over my pocket, and they consented.

With an eye toward finding out just what was on the Astral Plane, I began exploring.

What I found was no less than amazing. Areas that led to untamed wilds, areas forgotten about by the beings that created them, and something else.

EVERY being has a connection to this plane. All animals, plants, people, everything that creates and adds to or takes from the Magick of reality has a tenuous connections to the Astral Plane.

The more aware you are, the greater the connection. The connection is tenuous because every spirit and soul needs a guide “home”.

Make no mistake about it, every soul goes to the Astral Plane when the physical vessel dies. This area is “Heaven” and “Hell” and everything in between. That “tie” or “road” could be what the tunnel of light is in near-death experiences.

The Silver Cord that some talk about when they astrally project is simply a stronger road home. Two elastic bands, one the size of a piece of thread and one the size of a telephone pole. The telephone pole one is what connects us with the body and the thread one is leading to the Astral Plane. Sever the body’s connection, and the only one left is the one leading to the Astral Plane.

You can overcome the telephone pole with a lot of practice, patience and Will, but you will always snap back to the body in an emergency. But when the connection to the body is destroyed, the only place you have to go is to the Astral Plane. And this is when you go to Heaven or wherever you think you will go when you die.

The only way I have of testing this theory is to leave my body permanently. I don’t want to do that just yet. So this is all supposition. But it feels right to me.

I saw the plane once, without all the environments superimposed upon it. It was a 30×30-mile hall that stretched into infinity. In this state I could see and sense the “icons” that were everyone. I knew those icons were the connections of others and if I wanted to, I could talk to them, and thus the person it was connected to.

if I went through the “ceiling” or “floor” I would go to fantasy realms. Worlds in books, RPG’s, plays and things of the imagination were the realms up and down from where I was. Go through a wall, and I would go to Might-have-beens. Go far enough “forward” and I would be in the future, and back is to the past.

My own icon returned me to my body, but I was pulled up and to the left. I found myself in a room to be tested by some beings I had seen on another dream when I was younger. The rest of this vision has been censored out.

This area would explain telepathy, ESP, precognition and past lives. It’s also where the collective unconscious and the Akashic record is at. If you can define the Astral Plane as a “place”.

It is more a state of mind or a twist of reality. If it were possible, (Without proliferate uses of Magick) to go there physically, I think I would like to go, at least to my own “pocket”. But a spell powerful enough to put us there would also vaporize us. We just don’t have enough control of magickal energy yet. But perhaps someday we will be able to do so.

Flurey, this it the information I said I would cover in a later lesson. I believe that you have done as I did and still do to a point, and that is go to a “might-have-been”. I have touched on this before, but I will re-iterate it for you all here now. A might-have-been is a world that is created by our choices. We choose action A, and we choose action B, C, D, E, F ad infinitum. While we only perceive A, all the others are still there. But not only our choice affects this. Other’s choices create new realities as well. If I decided never to post another thing on AS, you all would be affected, and multiples of you would be spun off to live in the world where I still did post. From there, the fragmentation gets worse. The more people who choose, the more worlds are created.

Can you all see how I can say there are infinite possibilities out there? Everything that can be thought of, has been thought of, and will be thought of, and acted upon. All of it. By thinking a thought, you create a reality. Even if you do nothing else with that thought, there are others (who are you or other people) who come to the same conclusion and then start using that information how they want it.

With AP you can go to these Might-have-beens. You can see and feel and experience these lives you may have had and are having.

But there is a corollary to all of this too. We are the sum of all our decisions as well. We are the products of all the other’s decisions too. And they can travel here as well.

Someone stated they started meditating and practicing AP a long time ago, and gave it up to try again now. Imagine how easy it would be if you never gave that up. Don’t you think that maybe now, you could come here and speak to you now?

And then there is the theory that we exist in all worlds and planes. Your soul, is in every world you can imagine, living there and interacting with others, no matter how weird. We go there, and we see the strange setting, and we think it different. They live there and think it’s normal. But we have always known this world where flint lights to water, not steel. To us, that’s too strange, but to them, it’s normal. Because of that connection of the soul, we have access to their knowledge and memories, and experiences. We may not know what the heck is going on, but they do. And in correct circumstances, we can “borrow” their bodies for a while. They may be fully in control, but we will ride along with them as they go about their days.

I have talked to me from many different worlds. From the me that exists in the Star Wars universe, to the me that is female and the mother of many children in the medieval society that honors “Guardians” who protect all from the ravages of those who would take the world over, to the me who is of a species descended from the birds. All of them had lessons for me, and all of them had information to share. And all of them had rules in their world that I would find strange.

How can you know a place that you have never been to? You are already there, it’s just that you don’t know it yet.

And then there is, what I call the “Tapestry theory of Time.”

Simply put. When you are not in your body, you can see the entire tapestry of time. You have perspective, and you can see the swirls, and designs woven into the fabric. The upper left hand is the far past, and the lower right is the far future. As you get closer to the tapestry, you start loosing that perspective. You see general things. You still know that the tapestry is still there, but now you can see that there is a subtle design that makes the tapestry work. You see the montage of pictures that are woven into the fabric that makes up the general design. Get closer still and all you are able to perceive is the thread you are looking at. You can see where it is thin and thick, and where some fibers have escaped the weaving, and so on. This is the time we see now. But the tapestry remains.

Now, if the Astral Plane makes all places here, and the tapestry makes all times now, I would find it highly unusual if you didn’t recognize places you have never been to. Because you are already there.

Any questions?

Stars light your path.

Originally posted 2014-11-14 14:28:10. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

3 Responses to “The Astral Plane”

  1. Peter says:

    Daven, I mean no offense at all when I say this it’s just a question I have. I have been reading your other articles and it says your having hard time with money, I know how you feel with that one but I was wondering if you could use astral projection and win the lottery or something like going in the future and seeing the winning numbers or betting on horses. So if you cold do this why don’t you?

    • Daven says:

      I do astrally project, and believe me, I’ve worked on that very problem multiple times with many other allies on the Astral. The problem is that the future is always fluid, it always changes. I can predict general trends, I can predict things that are likely to happen, but something specific like that is incredibly hard to find out because of the multitude of factors that could affect it. Things as minor as the words said while the numbers are tumbling in the picker could change which balls come out. So getting the lottery numbers is nearly impossible to predict. Forcing a win is also hard because of the sheer numbers of others who are doing the exact same thing at the exact same time. It makes things totally chaotic.

      • Peter says:

        Sorry if it came across as rude or anything I’m not to good with words, but I would also like to ask if you could use the power of astral projection to find ancient artifacts like the ark of the covenant or something valuable like that or oil. I only think I’ve done astral projection once so if you say it’s hard and the future is always changing, I’ll believe you because I can see from your other articles that your a expert on this and know what your talking about.
        P.S. I sent you the same email a couple times a while and I don’t know if you were ignoring me,lol or if it was during that time your email system was not working right, but but you seem like a very knowledgeable person and I would very much enjoy it if you would allow me to keep asking questions like this. Would you want me to send another emails or keep asking questions on your posts because some people don’t like it when people post on old topics, or would you like me to leave you alone,lol.
        Thanks again for the response and blessed be.

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