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Tarot by Erin

Okay, in an attempt to raise money, I’m going to be offering a service for sale.

Ask me your questions, any questions.  I’ll do a tarot reading and tell you what you need to know and do.

What are my qualifications you may ask?  Well, I’ve been doing tarot readings for the last 20 years.  I became Wiccan and started studying the Tarot, my wife taught me everything I know about it and she should know since she’s been doing this for the last 40 years and taught three other tarot readers that I know of, possibly more.  Since then, I have worked as a professional Tarot reader with Kabrina’s Psychic Answer (a phone in TV Psychic service) which is now defunct, leaving there because of not enough calls for when I could work.

I was able to support my family on what I made as a TV Psychic.  So I do know what I’m doing.

Finally, I went to private practice, doing readings for myself, my wife, friends and those I know in various forums.  Generally I didn’t charge money for those readings, but there was a quid pro quo exchange of energy and effort to those readings.  I’ve even had good reviews on these.

Now I offer you the chance to get your reading done by me.

I use the Robin Wood deck to do these readings since it’s the one I have been working with since I began.

I have three levels of readings, one that is $15 for one question and answer, using a five card yes/no or a ten card Celtic Cross spread depending on how complex the question is.  One is a reading (spread of my choice) answering one complex question.  That’s $30.  The last is answering two complex questions for $50.

I have one more spread that I can do but it has never taken less than an hour, but it is a thorough life reading called an Astrological Spread.  Given that it will be even more complex with having to interpret EVERY card in the deck, I’m not even going to consider doing that one for less than $90.  But it is a very good spread to understand what is going on around you and in various aspects of your life.

I also have one unique reading I do.  It’s called “The Bondage Spread” in which you are shown what is holding you back and how to get free of this.  It takes an hour to do and costs $25.  But hopefully with it you will see what you need to do to get free.

So, click below to get these readings.

The Introductory reading $15
The Bondage Spread $25
The One Question Reading $30
The Two Question Reading $50
The Astrological Reading $90

Be warned that I may contact you for additional information, so your email address HAS to be correct and I do need your name.  A picture of yourself would be very helpful as well.  All readings and additional information are shredded upon completion so you don’t have to worry about that.  One last thing, in the “Additional Instructions” section of the payment form on PayPal, I need you to put your question there.  It’s the only way I can do your reading is if I have a question to start with.


Some testimonials with contact information. These clients have kindly consented to have their names and contact information listed for you to ask about the readings they received from me. Hopefully this and any questions that they answer will allow you to feel more comfortable in purchasing a reading. Please do contact them if you have questions you feel uncomfortable asking me about the reading.

“A few months ago I had Erin do a generalized reading for me, just to see what another reader could find that I’d overlooked; I’ve been reading for a decade and I’m pretty good on my own, but sometimes it’s best to get a second opinion. What I got from Erin was an excellent (though sometimes surprising) assortment of cards and her interpretations thereof that really pinpointed some areas I’d missed, and made a few situations I’d been wondering about more clear. The details are personal, but I’ll say this–I highly, highly recommend Erin as a reader.”

Author of “Fang and Fur, Blood and Bone: A Primal Guide to Animal Magic” and
“A Field Guide to Otherkin

chaohippie (at) excite (dot) com
http://www.thegreenwolf.com [1]

“I found Erin’s readings to be well done. She is very concise and clear in his presentation. She isn’t one for mincing words- and she won’t cater to the ego. She’s straightforward and professional. I would recommend her to other people for readings with no hesitation.”

Hope Jackson
hcjaxn (at) yahoo (dot) com

Keep checking back here for other information. I plan to have a sample reading up on one of my spreads so you can see for yourself just what the reading consists of and how I interpret the cards for you.