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Tag Archives: Witchcraft

Draig Sidhe Witches Tether

This tool is just that, a tether for your self. It is representative of the Silver Cord you have as part of your soul/body connection. In many works about Out of Body Experiences, people report seeing a cord of some sort leading from their soul to the body. It is theorized that this is because there is a small sliver of your soul and consciousness still in your body, keeping it functioning.

If this sliver is removed from the body, most people who have studied OOBE and Astral Projection theorize that the body will die.

So this tether is representative of that connection between the soul and body. It keeps the two connected, sending messages from one to the other, and giving the soul a “ball of string” to follow back to the body.

Symbolically this tether can represent all kinds of things:

  • The Silver cord
  • The string Theseus used in the Labyrinth
  • A “grounding wire”
  • Tree Roots
  • The string of fate in many pantheons
  • A charging wire for your phone or iPod