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Tag Archives: Transgender

My thoughts on the PantheaCon idocy

PantheaCon has no personal effect but I feel the need to contribute to the discussion of the issues that have been made public.

The comment on the Wildhunt by Z Budapest that follow prompts my response.

“This struggle has been going since the Women’s Mysteries first appeared. These individuals selfishly never think about the following: if women allow men to be incorporated into Dianic Mysteries,What will women own on their own? Nothing! Again! Transies who attack us only care about themselves. We women need our own culture, our own resourcing, our own traditions. You can tell these are men, They don’t care if women loose the Only tradition reclaimed after much research and practice ,the Dianic Tradition. Men simply want in. its their will. How dare us women not let them in and give away the ONLY spiritual home we have! Men want to worship the Goddess? Why not put in the WORK and create your own trads. The order of ATTIS for example, (dormant since the 4rth century) used to be for trans gendered people, also the castrata, men who castrated themselves to be more like the Goddess. Why are we the ONLY tradition they want? Go Gardnerian! Go Druid! Go Ecclectic! Filled with women, and men. They would fit fine. But if you claim to be one of us, you have to have sometimes in your life a womb, and overies and MOON bleed and not die. Women are born not made by men on operating tables.”

A letter to my family

Dear Family,

I know you read this site, probably not regularly, but often enough to see this. So I’m writing this letter to you all to inform you of some things.

Originally posted 2011-01-04 17:03:51. Republished by Blog Post Promoter


People exist on the other side of this monitor. What you are reading right now is not what someone is, it is what someone is presenting to you. All you see is that which is presented, nothing more.

Even if you know them, see them every day, you still only see what they present. You don’t see into their heart, you don’t see the depths of their mind, you don’t know what they are REALLY thinking at any one point.

All you see is one facet of them.

Originally posted 2015-06-22 12:56:14. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

Name Change, for everything.

Astute readers of my Journal will have already noticed that the name has changed.  That’s what should be.  But let me tell you why.

As you may have read in earlier entries, I’m transitioning from Male to Female.  Well, in recent months I’ve made some major strides forward in that regard, namely I’ve come out to everyone I know that I’m transitioning, and I’ve legally changed my name from my male moniker to a more female name.

With this change came a LOT of soul searching, a lot of meditation and a lot of discussion with the Gods.  Finally after a long time, we all determined that I am Their daughter just as much as I was Their son.  I am Their Priestess and still Their Priest.

Confusing?  You bet you.  About as confusing as being female, dressing as female, being called “She” and “Her” and “Miss” and still being called “Dad” by my daughter.  But that’s okay, things take time, and I’m only partway through the hormone treatment.

So, with the new name, new gender and the acknowledgment of the world at large, I rededicated myself one morning near Samhain.  I abandoned the name Daven and took the name Erin to be my magickal working name.

Do me a favor

If you hate me, if you want to see me dead, if you think I should cover myself in flamable gel and set myself on fire and die in an inferno, AT LEAST HAVE THE FUCKING COURTESY TO SIGN YOUR NAME SO I KNOW WHO TO NOT CARE ABOUT. Don’t send me something anonymous and then act like you have the higher moral ground.