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Revelations on Rhiannon

I sometimes have a hard time deciding where to publish things like this. So I’m posting it to Daven’s Journal as well as to my private Livejournal, simply because it is important to each.

Rhiannon of the Birds, Goddess, mother of Pryderi, beloved and wife of both Pwyll (Chancellor of Anwynn) and Manawydan (god of the sea). Mother figure, Queen and associated with Horses (and in some studies, linked to Epona). Former Goddess and denizen of the Bright World, where she was betrothed to a god she didn’t like, whose brother took revenge on her later, destroying Dyfed, Pwyll’s kingdom.

  • I have seen no references connecting her to birds, other than a passing mention in the Mabinogion, and specifically the story of Branwen by the head of Bran the Blessed who is trying to make sure his comrades are healed in mind, body and soul. He mentions that the Birds have a song that will allow rest and peace.
  • Her connection to horses is somewhat more provable. The first mention is when Pwyll is chasing her and trying to speak to Her. She never moves her horse out of a trot, yet it keeps going faster than the fastest horse that Pwyll can mount, and he only catches up to Her when he asks Her to stop.

Wrong direction

Well, I was going to complain about my job, but I decided to do that someplace else.

So I’m going to talk politics for a minute. If that distresses you, sorry. Feel free to ignore the rest of this post. But reconsider a moment: Politics are pervasive in our society. From the Coven where one upmanship is common to the workplace where it’s not what you know but who, to the State and National political scene who make laws that we then have to obey. It’s one of the all consuming human nature things that I watch with a mixture of disgust and awe.

This time, however, I am going to talk about National Politics. Specifically about the Democratic party and their direction.

Anyone who has read ANY of my site probably knows that I’m pretty much a Democrat right now. I don’t agree with a lot of the platform for the rest of the political parties, and there is not an equivelant of the UU for politics. Even the Independant Party is getting codified in a wierd way. So I align myself mostly with the Dems simply because I agree with most of their platform.

Who will it be?

This is a funny thing I got a while back. It’s been kicking around on my hard drive for ages. Finally, on this day of Yule with the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse (all at the same time), the stars have aligned correctly for me to share this with you all.

Please note, I do not take any responsibility for any insanity you may experience as a result of this, and I will not do anything to help you. You read this all at your own peril, or perfection, whichever you prefer.

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Important Message

This was shared by a friend of mine on Livejournal. I think it’s important enough that everyone needs to see it.

Listen to the audio as well as watching it.


As you might know, I live in Nashville, Tennessee. Close to downtown, just a mile from the Cumberland River. That might bring people to the conclusion that I was flooded out, but that would be incorrect.

Here at Casa Daven, it rained hard, we had standing water in our front yard and back yard, but we weren’t flooded at all. Yes, there were areas only a half a mile away that were underwater (the Juvenile Justice Center is completely underwater to the second floor). Thankfully the way the ground rolls around here we are up high enough to have lost nothing.

Thank the Gods for Their Mercy upon us.

Still, we are not unaffected by the floods. We are asked to curtail our usage of water since one of the reclamation plants that serve our drinking water is completely under water, and thus not working. We have been asked to cut our usage by half. We have power, we have water, we have telephone and Internet and are able to communicate and leave to get to the store. So we, personally, are safe.

Holiday Greetings!

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New content problem

Well, here we all are. The Journal is about as set up as it gets, and I’m going through my bag of ideas to come up with new content.

The problem is, I’m just not coming up with much. Oh, I have a few things “on the hook” as it were, ready to be written up and posted, but they are germs of ideas.

I’m really considering the pros and cons of putting up the “Chapters” I have completed for the various books I’ve been working on. I’ve got three books that I’m trying to complete, and between all three I have about 30 “article” length chapters.

One book, about Tools, may be superfluous now that there are two excellent books out there dealing with the topic of tools that a Wiccan or Pagan needs, how to get them, ideas for making your own, using them, symbolism and more. Basically they cover what I was going to cover, so mine is gilding the lilly.

New Site LIVE

Okay, you may have noticed that I changed everything. I have the development site live now.

No need to change your shortcuts, it’s still at http://davensjournal.com .

There are still some housekeeping chores to do, like making the links all work. So if you come across a page/post where the links are pointing at the wrong place, let me know please? Just leave a comment on that article or post and I’ll get it.

I don’t have a page up for the links out to other sites just yet, and my classes are scarce. I plan on rectifying those problems soon.

Let everyone know, let your blog readers know, let those who just casually drop by that the new site is live. There will be some kicking the tires and so on, but I think this one is going to be a lot nicer.

And please, on this post, tell me what you think? I’d love to hear it.

Even more done

Well, things have been coming along very well with this new facelift.  I’m going to add some stuff that I posted to my LiveJournal and my Dreamwidth journal about this very topic:

Things that are done:

  1. The structure is set up and I like it. Got most of the theme from the original site pulled over and looking nice on the WP framework. I have set it up now so that instead of being static and set width, it will adjust with you up to 1600 px screen resolution.
  2. As part of that, the top graphic under the “Daven’s Journal” graphic is now set to flow with the page as you scroll up and down. The graphic seams between the top background and the next one down, on the page, is as seamless as I can get it.
  3. All the page elements are fixed now, so they WILL scroll off the page as you move up and down. No, no more frame sets now. Welcome to Web 2.0 Daven, glad you could join us. Let’s forget that you are coming a little late to the party and celebrate the fact that you showed up at all. (name that quote, first one gets a free @davensjournal.com remailer.)

Long night

I’m posting this to my new site, since I will be moving over to it ASAP.

Long night here at Caer Daven.  Been doing coding and moving articles.  Man there is a lot of Stuff here.  I can’t believe how much is on this site.  And all of it in just 10 years.

Yes, it’s coming up on Daven’s Journal’s 10 year aniversary.  Actually, now that I think about it, the aniversary was back in October.  So it’s just recently passed.  Wow.  That’s coolness.

I guess it’s appropriate that I have a whole new Journal now.

Spread the word, I’m moving on up.