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Late night, Post Yule, Pre Christmas post

Today in the “Daven” household, things were pretty quiet. I did have some excitement though.

Mostly it was the shopping trip. It takes so little to make those we love so happy. I went grocery shopping with my wife. That was it. She was thrilled. Why? I have no clue. I think it was because we were spending time together, even though I was ranging around getting stuff and she was driving the cart from point A to point B. But we talked some and thought about things like we did when we were young (like year 1 or 2 of our 15 year marriage).

Then we got home and had dinner that she lovingly fixed for everyone, with help. Cookies came after dinner, again lovingly fixed by my dearest. If you ever get a chance to marry a Kitchen Witch, do so. You WILL NOT regret it.

While Saturday is “bonding night with the daughter” they had anime on that I didn’t like too much. So while paying about 20% of my attention to the TV and talking, I was reading on one of the review books, Taylor Ellwood’s “Pop Culture Magick”.

Hola Drama

Oh my goddess….

Norm is back. It’s one of those situations that is just too stupid for words.

As many may know, I’m a regular (and one of the admins) at Obsidian’s Mirror Forum. In the past we have had problems with Norm Vogel (and if you want to find his site, do a Google Search, I’m not giving him free publicity). Mainly because he’s got chronic and terminal Fluffyitis. I have done an expose’ on his site a while back (which is available here) and he had a fit. I have no clue why, probably because I tended to say that his site was spreading disinformation.

Sad thing is that most of the current crop of Wiccans and witches would agree that his site stinks. Now mind you, I did not say that his entire site stinks, just one page. It’s an important distinction that apprently “Mr.” Norm does not see.

Well, he has a cronie, by the name of “Dragon Goddess”. (Once again, do a Google Search) She is one of those brainless people who don’t critically evaluate information they read, she simply regurgitates whatever she’s fed, without thinking it through. It’s sad really.

The Seeker’s Bill of Rights

(Note from Daven:  I was a member of the Texas Pagan Community when this document began circulating around that community.  I know (from rumors mostly) some of what went on to prompt this document, but not enough to make any sweeping statements as to what happened.  I have had one person step up and claim credit for being the author of this document, and I humbly thank him for writing this.)

The Seeker’s Bill of Rights

High Priest Charles Mars

Seekers of the Pagan path are in an extremely vulnerable position. In their quest for teaching and fellowship, thy risk encountering those who use our faith to prey on others. Since paganism is still struggling for public acceptance, there is little sympathy from authorities. Neither can the elders of our community effectively address this issue. The most they can do is denounce these predators, and are usually accused of starting a “Witch War” when they do.

The answer to this dilemma is to empower those most vulnerable, the seekers. To this end, a Seeker’s Bill of Rights has been drafted. This tool will help to alert Seekers of a problem if a group or teacher violates any of the ten rights described. It will also serve to remind Seekers that while they do not have “degrees”, they are still human beings with rights and dignity.

Oh My GOD!

Just looked at a flash movie.

I had no idea.


Originally posted 2005-05-05 11:46:24. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

Finnish Runes

Just today I got this comment in my queue that was talking about the “Finish Runes”.


Basically, so you don’t have to read it if you don’t want to, the author of the comment is saying that there is no such thing as “Finish Runes” due to the fact that they were literate for some time and used someone else’s written language.

To which I reply: “that’s part of the point.”

In the article “What makes a fluffbunny” I talk about someone claiming to be expert in the Runes, and I ask which set. I included the Finish runes kind of as a red herring, a way of helping to determine if those who claim to know everything about the runes then they should be able to discover that on their own.

The second reason I added the “Finish Runes” to the mix was a class I took in them.

When I was still in Georgia there was a “new age center” right next to a bookstore I went to all the time. In this center, they offered a course in the Runes. I thought it would be a good course to take since I’m really interested in the Elder Futhark and needed to expand my knowledge.

Mike Nichols Update

I went looking to update some links on my own site, and discovered that Mike moved his website from the Geocities place he had for donkey’s years, to a new website since Geocities closed.

The Witches Sabbats

I think everyone needs to update their bookmarks ASAP.

Practice, practice

One time, just once, go outside at about 2 AM and do a ritual. Do it when the Moon is in the sky, when she is near full or full. Do it in shorts or with the minimal clothing you can get away with. Do it with no tools, no books or candles, just an athame and you. Do it and mean it. Do it when the wind is blowing slightly across your skin.

You will find that doing so creates some sort of change in you and in the ritual that causes it to be even more powerful than it normally would. You would be shocked at how many Wiccans of long standing do so.

Something we forget inside our shields and wards is that there are times when you can’t shield to do a ritual, since doing so will defeat the purpose of the ritual in the first place. Summon the deities to you without a Circle. Yes, the sacred space changes, but you will find that more of the deity comes to you and more of the Gods hit you in the “face” without your protections than normally. You will feel their presence more strongly than normally.

A message from Mike Nichols

A while back, Daven wrote in one of his blog entries, “Recently Mike Nichols and I wrote articles taking opposite sides of the same argument, the semantics of Witchcraft and Wicca….

“At no time did he and I get into any kind of debate or argument. He and I are friends (at least on my side) and if there was any competition, it was friendly. I’m happy his article is getting the response it is, and I’m gratified to see that others are understanding where I am coming from as well.”

I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank Daven for his continued friendship and echo the same sentiments, that he and I are friends “on my side”, too. In today’s world, it is critical to understand that people may have differing opinions on various subjects, and still maintain mutual respect and friendship.

A thought

Mary and I were talking in bed, our last interaction of the day, and the topic turned to some of the problems we have had and overcome in our life.

It tied into the movie “Serenity” in which the main character (Mal) is a lot darker and a lot more desperate. At one point during the movie he’s talking to his Second in Command about the bare fact that if they don’t get money they don’t fly and don’t eat. It’s a moving piece of cinema, setting up the rest of the movie.

Having been there and done that, I was moved to say this:

“It’s easy to have morals when your belly is full. It’s keeping those morals and living up to them when you are near starvation that is the true measure of a person.” — Daven

Good quote.

Revelations on Rhiannon

I sometimes have a hard time deciding where to publish things like this. So I’m posting it to Daven’s Journal as well as to my private Livejournal, simply because it is important to each.

Rhiannon of the Birds, Goddess, mother of Pryderi, beloved and wife of both Pwyll (Chancellor of Anwynn) and Manawydan (god of the sea). Mother figure, Queen and associated with Horses (and in some studies, linked to Epona). Former Goddess and denizen of the Bright World, where she was betrothed to a god she didn’t like, whose brother took revenge on her later, destroying Dyfed, Pwyll’s kingdom.

  • I have seen no references connecting her to birds, other than a passing mention in the Mabinogion, and specifically the story of Branwen by the head of Bran the Blessed who is trying to make sure his comrades are healed in mind, body and soul. He mentions that the Birds have a song that will allow rest and peace.
  • Her connection to horses is somewhat more provable. The first mention is when Pwyll is chasing her and trying to speak to Her. She never moves her horse out of a trot, yet it keeps going faster than the fastest horse that Pwyll can mount, and he only catches up to Her when he asks Her to stop.