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Tag Archives: Site

Mike Nichols Update

I went looking to update some links on my own site, and discovered that Mike moved his website from the Geocities place he had for donkey’s years, to a new website since Geocities closed.

The Witches Sabbats

I think everyone needs to update their bookmarks ASAP.

More uploaded

Okay, those of you who have been waiting are about to be rewarded.

The “High Magick Class” has been updated with 4 new lessons. Find the whole post here: [link id=’2289′] and the files in question are located at:

  1. Introduction (About me, Definitions, Basics, Assignments, etc.)
  2. The Path of the Magician
  3. Tools and Props
  4. Visualization and Meditation
  5. Magickal Attitude
  6. Wiccan Magick (including cord, sex and poppet magick)
  7. Elementals and energy work
  8. Kitchen Witchery

More updates

What with the constant improvements in software, I re-updated the site to the most recent install of WordPress. I was worried that there would be problems with the older stuff, and even though it broke a plugin that allowed me to put all the pages into categories like the posts.

So that’s it then, I made my choice. Ditch the old and in with the new. Now, however, all the pages for the various articles are part of the timeline of the site, just like any other post. You can see the whole thing just by using the navigation at the bottom, but I warn you, there’s over 800 posts now.

Anyhow, just letting you all know.

I haven’t unprotected the previous post because I have to talk to a doctor first. When I do, I’ll make a decision to unprotect it or not. wish me luck.

Someone Advise me

Okay, as you know I’ve been playing with WordPress since the Journal got moved over to that format. I’ve put most of the content of the Journal up as pages instead of posts.

Let me explain a bit for those of you who are not WordPress gurus:

WordPress is a blogging software. In that it is like Livejournal, Dreamwidth, Movable Type and many other platforms out there. I use WordPress because it is I) free II) scalable and III) able to be hosted on my OWN servers, which means I control all that you see and do and how it is used.

This presents problems, however. The content I have here is mostly articles that are put there for you to read. This isn’t a shock, but the WAY that WordPress implements this is a PITA. Pages are for content that is not dynamic, that is static and doesn’t change (I am aware that all three of those mean the same thing, I’m trying to give a context to those who don’t know). But, pages are also outside the structure of WordPress.

New Review up

I have a new review up and I have at least one more coming. I’ve decided that since I’m not doing my Tools book anymore, that I will be reviewing the two tools books I have on my shelf.

Anyhow, here’s the review: The Wiccan Mystic

Now I just have to send this along to the five places I used to when I finished a review.

I feel like Droopy now

You know, when he does his “you know what? I’m happy.” schtick.

I’m thrilled. I would be bouncing off the ceiling if I wasn’t so freaking tired. AND I have a ritual to do tonight with the family.

I’ve gotten my site back to where it was when I screwed up last night. All the pages and articles that were pointing to http://erinsjournal.com/[WHATEVER].xhtml have now been repointed to the same article on this new site. I’ve found broken links to other sites and re-done those links or brought the article material over here.

The four articles I had put up last night that got eaten, they are back up. So I should be thrilled and excited.

Now I have to do ALL THAT with the posts. It should be much easier now that I know what I’m doing, all I have to search for is ../.. or .xhtml since it seems that I was the only one using that extension.

I want to sleep for a week. I just took my meds and now I’m feeling better. Lost one comment from my wife last night, but it’s not a big deal. She may decide to put it back up. Or not.

Sitemap Poll

Well, you all asked for it, you got it. I set sitemap-2 as the default sitemap.

I gotta say, that’s the one I was leaning toward. It should make things easier if you know what the name of the article you are looking for is. But if you know what SUBJECT you will find it under, the default navigation should take care of that. It lists all the posts and pages under a category on that page.

Anyhow, I have some articles percolating in the back of my head. Have three ideas laid out on my site so I can write them up pretty easily. I might go and post an article I wrote for “Rending the Veil”, but which (looking at it a second time) I figured would be better suited to this venue.

Let me dig it out.

Anyhow, I hope your Yule is a wonderful one!

Playing around

I’m playing around with my sitemaps. I have two different ones:

[poll id=”2″]

Please let your voice be heard. I can use either, but I need to know which you prefer. I really don’t want to have two sitemaps on my site.

New Site LIVE

Okay, you may have noticed that I changed everything. I have the development site live now.

No need to change your shortcuts, it’s still at http://erinsjournal .

There are still some housekeeping chores to do, like making the links all work. So if you come across a page/post where the links are pointing at the wrong place, let me know please? Just leave a comment on that article or post and I’ll get it.

I don’t have a page up for the links out to other sites just yet, and my classes are scarce. I plan on rectifying those problems soon.

Let everyone know, let your blog readers know, let those who just casually drop by that the new site is live. There will be some kicking the tires and so on, but I think this one is going to be a lot nicer.

And please, on this post, tell me what you think? I’d love to hear it.

Even more done

Well, things have been coming along very well with this new facelift.  I’m going to add some stuff that I posted to my LiveJournal and my Dreamwidth journal about this very topic:

Things that are done:

  1. The structure is set up and I like it. Got most of the theme from the original site pulled over and looking nice on the WP framework. I have set it up now so that instead of being static and set width, it will adjust with you up to 1600 px screen resolution.
  2. As part of that, the top graphic under the “Daven’s Journal” graphic is now set to flow with the page as you scroll up and down. The graphic seams between the top background and the next one down, on the page, is as seamless as I can get it.
  3. All the page elements are fixed now, so they WILL scroll off the page as you move up and down. No, no more frame sets now. Welcome to Web 2.0 Daven, glad you could join us. Let’s forget that you are coming a little late to the party and celebrate the fact that you showed up at all. (name that quote, first one gets a free @erinsjournal remailer.)