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Tag Archives: Personal


With the upgrading of my PC to a dual boot of Win XP and Linux, I’m starting on going through all my old archived files. This is a lot of work.

One of the biggest directories is the “Wicca” directory. It has work from nearly 18 years of practicing Paganism of various flavors, and it contains a LOT of information that can’t be found anywhere else anymore.

Things like the Ancient Sites Archives of Iona and Anglesey, a Druid group on that site that deals not only with roleplay but also historical truth and research. I have all the files of my association with the ODU, and I don’t know if they are anyplace since that fellowship died with the Arch Druid quitting.

I have tons of information that is just plain silly stuff, jokes and emails, conversations that are decades out of date. Graphics that can be dispensed with, and so on.

I’m having to sort through all of them, find the duplicate stuff, and then delete them. Add to this that I screwed up and reduced the trash can on that drive to nothing, so that when I hit “delete” instead of going to C’s trash can, it disappeared totally. Luckily I have utilities to return those items to my hard drive, except for the dozen that couldn’t be recovered. Oh well.


As you might know, I live in Nashville, Tennessee. Close to downtown, just a mile from the Cumberland River. That might bring people to the conclusion that I was flooded out, but that would be incorrect.

Here at Casa Daven, it rained hard, we had standing water in our front yard and back yard, but we weren’t flooded at all. Yes, there were areas only a half a mile away that were underwater (the Juvenile Justice Center is completely underwater to the second floor). Thankfully the way the ground rolls around here we are up high enough to have lost nothing.

Thank the Gods for Their Mercy upon us.

Still, we are not unaffected by the floods. We are asked to curtail our usage of water since one of the reclamation plants that serve our drinking water is completely under water, and thus not working. We have been asked to cut our usage by half. We have power, we have water, we have telephone and Internet and are able to communicate and leave to get to the store. So we, personally, are safe.

You need to read this

I mean, REALLY need to read this.


This was originally posted on Sep 10, 2006, but it is still relevant today.

New content problem

Well, here we all are. The Journal is about as set up as it gets, and I’m going through my bag of ideas to come up with new content.

The problem is, I’m just not coming up with much. Oh, I have a few things “on the hook” as it were, ready to be written up and posted, but they are germs of ideas.

I’m really considering the pros and cons of putting up the “Chapters” I have completed for the various books I’ve been working on. I’ve got three books that I’m trying to complete, and between all three I have about 30 “article” length chapters.

One book, about Tools, may be superfluous now that there are two excellent books out there dealing with the topic of tools that a Wiccan or Pagan needs, how to get them, ideas for making your own, using them, symbolism and more. Basically they cover what I was going to cover, so mine is gilding the lilly.

Life Update and a Return of the Journal

Well, currently I have a short term job and I’m earning some money. I stress the “some”, it’s not a lot of money, and it’s not for a long time. It is enough to pay the bills we have and get things back.

However, I’m getting back into Wicca/Religion. I realized recently that I have outlets for my Joy side, my roleplaying geek person, and for just general myself, but nothing for my Daven/Priest person. So I’m talking to Lisa McSherry about joining her and her coven, and I’m starting to write more.

I have five reviews to post to you guys, just as soon as I can. They are SO done, I just have to upload it all and then you can all read what I think of these books. I have to tell you that these reviews are like two years old at this point. I’ve delayed and had them sitting on my bookshelf for some time, and now I need to post them. I promised to do these, and so I’m doing it.

Time to come clean

Well, before you all read it through the various outlets that are linked here (meaning Twitter), I thought I would inform my readers directly about several things you all might find questionable. I do this in the spirit of brotherhood and necessity that many of you might find close to your hearts.

And if I lose readers, I bear you no hard feelings.

I’ve kept a large segment of my life away from here. I have done this mostly because I felt that (first off) it was no one’s business except mine, and (second off) that it really didn’t matter as it was not relevant to my spirituality which is what I talk about here.

However, various things have occurred in my life that has forced a merging of those segments of my life, and an intermixing of them until in many cases, the lines are completely blurred.

As you know I have had financial troubles recently. That’s okay, everyone does have those difficulties from time to time, and most often you get through with them and go on. However, this has apparently become a permanent state of affairs with me and my family.

Two new Reviews

Okay, got two new reviews up on the Journal.

We also broke 100,000 unique visitors. I know that if I counted the pageloads, I’d probably be on several million by now. But I decided that the more important number is the people who visit. So it only counts one IP address per day. So anyone who visits gets their IP recorded for 24 hours, and a visit from the same location doesn’t count. Kinda stinks when it hits a firewall and everyone behind that firewall is counted as one hit.

Also I have to get the rest of the Witches Pyramid up. But things are happening here that make life “interesting”.

Still no job, but I’m going back to school which makes things even better.

I wish I had a lot of words of wisdom for you, but I’m out of thoughts. With my chronic depression, and new medication I’m going on to control it, my mental processes are kind of messed up. I do have two articles in the works, so those should be up when I have the time.

Life, or something like it

Well, time to post a new entry.

This one is going to be more about me than about the Journal. You may have noticed that there has been a lack of posts lately, and a lack of articles. There are two reasons for that. The first reason is because I am writing for Rending the Veil and that’s taking a lot of my creative energies and the other reason is because Life intruded hard.

I lost my job. The only person who gets “credit” for this is myself since I was an idiot and had emotions when they didn’t want me to have them. And now I’m looking for work.

It’s hard since I have no paper to prove what I know, so I’m also going to be returning to school. Which means that I’m going to be having a lot less time on my hands. I’m also going to have a lot less money, so anything you can spare will be appreceiated.


I’m sick as a dog and I need the good thoughts of you all. Please send what you can.

Problem Resolved

Okay, the problem I was having with the site was resolved. It appeared that someone hacked the routers that contain the addresses of the pages and changed where “davensjournal.com” pointed to.

It would be like someone breaking into the post office and changing the address cards for me in one place. All the mail that went through that post office would get directed to another place, but all the rest would come in fine. Unfortunately it was my “local postoffice” so my mail went wrong too.

I asked my webhost to push down the correct addresses to the routers again (just like she was setting up a new domain for me) and she did so. That seems to have fixed the problem, so the site is back up and working right again.

Good thing since I have a post that is part blog post, part article. I’m going to put up a several paragraph excerpt tomorrow when I go live with the real article. I had it up in my personal Livejournal, and it’s sparked debate, but I still want to post it. Have to add a few things though.