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So, you’re new to the forum…

When posting a question for general consumption in a group, and this goes for ANY group, please keep these points in mind:

1. DEFINE THE QUESTION. Please figure out, as closely as possible, what you are looking for. Instead of asking “how do you shield?” try “I already know how to shield, what techniques do you use that may help others with this technique?” In the second case, you will get a much more specific answer to this question. The first is very general, and many who could be answering your request may think “this has been asked and answered so many times, search in the group” and skip the question.

2. RESEARCH. Google Works. The search bar in the group works. Facebook’s search works. Ninety-nine percent of the time, the question you are asking has been asked and answered by others in the group, and there are definitely articles about this topic on the Internet. Take your defined question and pull a few keywords and stick them in the search bar, you will get more than a metric ton of returns with the information you want. You’ll have a lot more satisfaction as you found the answer, instead of it being given to you.

Information on Celtic Etiquette

(This was a post that I had put up on my Dreamwidth blog. I thought I had reposted it here, but apparently not.  So it is here so that it is available to everyone.  –Erin)

Because it’s relevant to a lot that some are doing, I thought I would put up some sort of post on how to interact with and what to expect from the Celtic pantheon.

First, the overriding ethic for ALL Celts is that everyone, EVERYONE, has an inherent worth. When interacting with someone who is a Celt or whom identifies as a Celt, you must understand and acknowledge that worth. Be prepared, if you insult that worth you will be making compensation to somebody for the insult. If you kill a Celt, SOMEBODY is going to come and demand payment for the “honor price” of that person, you will have to make payment or you will BE the compensation (in that you will be serving as a bondsman until that is repaid according to the statutes of the Brehons). If it is intra-tribal, that is. (1) If the insult is inter-tribal, it could mean war. The greater the person’s status is, the greater their honor price. This holds true from the Gods down to the bondsman or least slave of the tribe. Personal honor is the MOST important thing to a Celt. The laws, status, and prior instructions on honor price indicate it strongly. (1)