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Tag Archives: Erin’s Journal

Thinking too much

Well, I started thinking about some things (which long term readers will recognize as a warning sign, it’s very dangerous for me to be thinking.) and I came to a conclusion.

I’m a snob.

No, really, I am.

I think that beliefs that one clings to should have some basis in REASON, not just “because everyone believes it…” I believe that someone who is advocating a position should be able to intelligently defend that position, without resorting to rhetoric or obfuscation. I think that while an emotional position is fine for such arguments, that one should be able to articulate those feelings.

I think that everyone should sit down and read a dictionary.

I think that there is something wrong with those who don’t enjoy reading (books and stories, I can understand not reading technical manuals).

I think that instead of speaking and teaching to the least intelligent person who may be present, I should speak and talk to the MOST intelligent person present, that way everyone else is lifted up to their level, and the world’s intelligence increases instead of decreases.

I passionately believe that intellectual laziness is wrong because it leads to laziness in other areas.

Webby Awards

Well, it’s that time again. I want a webby, best of the web or something. Been on the “People’s Choice” list twice. It’s interesting that they don’t tell you you are up for one, or how many votes you got as compared to everyone else.

Bah, just one of those days and wanting some scrap of validation. Nevermind.


Well, I have a new article up. It’s probably going to cause some controversy, but that’s fine too.


Maybe it will cause some people to think for a few minutes before they condemn Sacrifice next time.

Christmas Rant

Okay, time for a small rant.

Every year about this time you see all kinds of “return to Christ” publicity, to put the Christ back in Christmas and so on. I’m sick of those. Not because my holiday is Yule, but because Christ didn’t go anywhere.

Christmas is the name that the Christ Mass turned into. You never hear about putting the Michael back in Michalemas, do you? Christ is a religious figure, and on Christmas that religious figure is celebrated by those who honor and worship him. They have a feast day, a religious celebration and take time to remember Him and all He did for them.

But the whole “put Christ (etc.)” is silly. It is an attempt to change a secular celebration (X-Mas) into a religious celebration when most of those celebrating X-Mas are not Christian.

And that’s probably the biggest sticking point. It is an attempt of the religious right to enforce a state religion on all of us again. Not just on the “pagans” but also on the Athiests and Hindu and the other established religions. Basically it is one religious group saying that this time of the year is their celebration and ONLY their celebration, no one else can touch it.


Well, it’s Solstice and Yule.

I guess I should do a page on what it is and why it’s important.

Today the Lady sleeps. In our cosmology the Lord and Lady are people and they sleep. But they sleep at different times. From Samhain to Beltane the Lord is leading us and taking care of most of our problems. He does this because the Dark Half of the year is when the Lord of the Hunt is responsible for providing for the People (since you can’t grow things during winter, so the ancients are dependant on meat to live). From Beltane to Samhain, the Lady (in her guise as the Earth Mother) provides.

Following this, different times of responsibility and celebration, those two transition times are EXCEEDINGLY important. That’s one reason why there is so much lore on them.

The times between them are important, Imbolc and Lughsnadah since those represent the mid point of that “stewardship” and a time when It is good for us to be especially grateful. IT’s a hard job to provide for people and we need to ALWAYS remember that.

Two new articles

Two new articles up on the Journal.

Spells and Power
The Candle Contest

The second article is referenced off the first and I think all new people to the path need to listen to the first article.

Wicca does not equal Witchcraft

Well, the article is finished. I hope to have it up here in a day or so for your reading pleasure. Right now I’m in the process of tweaking it so it reads well, then it goes to my editor (my wife) to go over and make it 50 times better. Plus, I want one other person to read it first.

So it should be up in the next two days. I’ll make an announcement here about it.

EDIT: Well, as you can read I didn’t link the article here.  SO to rectify that…. The Craft of the Witches

A "Vampire" in Minnesota?

When Johnathan “The Impaler”; Sharkey announced his candacy for Governor of Minnesota, I was somwhat miffed. He did so the day after my birthday, thereby taking the spotlight off of me. So I was more than a little put out.

However, I haven’t commented on this yet because I have had to work out how I feel in regards to this action.

On one hand, it’s Minnesota. How much damage can he do there? I mean, they elected Jessie “The Body” Ventura to be their Governor in the past, so what’s a Vampire now? And I’ve been considering what my stance on this is. To be honest, I’m torn.

I think I a Pagan in a high office is a good thing. It would be wonderful and it would certainly raise awareness and the profile of most Pagans. But there are MULTIPLE problems with this.

First off, he’s a wierdo fringe Pagan. He’s no where near the moderate that many Pagans are at, nor is he trying to be. He’s outrageous and wants that. He wants the publicity and the attention. In that he’s like a 5 year old screaming and kicking his heels because a treat was denied him. So I think that in this case he would do more harm than good.

A brainstorm

First, read this article: On Black Magic

Instead of “Black” and “White” magick, how about we call it “Practical” and “Spiritual” magick? That would fit into the definitions of magick as specified in the article very well.

Sharing this on my livejournal and with the folks at “Rending the Veil”.

Child's Book of Wicca, Chapter 1

It’s done! Chapter one is finished.

The first five people who email me at davensjournal @ davensjournal.com get a copy for free. After that, it’s $2.

Be aware that this is 3.5 MB, so it’s huge. It will take some time to download.