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Suggested Altar layout Our Altar Layout


If desired, you may have two Altar Candles for the Lord and Lady. They should be brown for the Lord and Green for the Lady. Other items necessary to the rituals should be stored near of under the Altar itself. If statues are not available, the Moon or flower headdress of the Priestess can be used, and the Horned Helm of the Priest used in it’s place.

The Athame may take the place of the Sword in any Rite or Ritual. However, for a Coven’s Work, a Sword is recommended since it has much of the Coven’s energy stored in it. It is the Coven’s athame by default.

However, if space limits the Sword, or if the Coven cannot afford one, then the Priestesses or Priests athame may be used. Anything else for the Ritual can be placed under the Altar or near it.

Stars light your path.

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2 Responses to “Suggested Altar layout Our Altar Layout”

  1. Lilly says:

    Could you help me. I’m very new to this.
    Everywhere I look/read etc gives different colours for candles for the god and goddess. I’m really confused, can you help?
    Thank you

    • Erin Erin says:

      Hello Lilly, I’ll do my best.

      I find those guides that are online and in various books to be misleading. They list the colors that the author has found for a various deity. My best advice to you is that you use the myths about that deity as a guide for what colors to use. Either that or you use a color that you think about when you are meditating on that deity. For instance, I get Green for Rhiannon, mainly because of the skirt she wears in the picture I have of her on this site, but it could just as easily be red (for her hair), white (for the color of her horse in one of the stories) or blue, yellow for the birds she has around her. It is really something you have to find for yourself.

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