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STORIES from Ireland, Scotland, and Wales

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(Note from Daven:  This document, which had no accompanying explanation, seems mainly to deal with Celtic Mythology.  And it’s not the original texts either, but “modernized” stories, designed to grab your attention.  I only include them here for those of you who wish to persue just the basic mythology of the Celts.  For more scholarly works, I recommend the “Bibliography” on the navigation applet to the right.)

STORIES from Ireland, Scotland, and Wales

The Stone of Victory, and Other Tales. By Padraic Colum (McGraw). The great Irish storyteller’s choice of his favorites from his many stories. Illustrated by Judith Gwyn Brown.

Celtic Folk and Fairy Tales Edited by Joseph Jacobs (Putnam). These retellings are faithful to the spirit of Celtic stories.

Heather and Broom. Thistle and Thyme. Sea-Spell and Moor-Magic. Western Isles. By Loch and by Lin. Twelve Black Cats and Other Eerie Scottish Tales. By Sorche Nic Leodhas (Holt). Flavorful stories from Scottish folklore delightfully retold.

Donegal Fairy Stories. Collected and told by Seumas MacManus (Dover). Humorous and carefree Irish folktales skillfully retold by a master storyteller. With illustrations by Frank Verbeck.

March Has Horse’s Ears, and Other Stories. By Robert Nye (Hill and Wang). Ten imaginative tales based on Welsh legends and mythology. Illustrated by Dorothy Maas.

Taliesin. By Robert Nye (Hill and Wang). A story from the Mabinogion about the transformation of a peasant boy into the greatest poet of King Arthur’s court. Illustrated by Dorothy Maas.

Irish Sagas and Folk-Tales. By Eileen O’Faolain.

Scottish Folk-Tales and Legends. By Barbara Ker Wilson.

Welsh Legends and Folk-Tales. By Gwyn Jones (Walck). Three books in the ‘Oxford Myths and Legends’ series.

Tales from the Welsh Hills. By Ellen Pugh (Dodd). Simple tales of the Welsh people. Attractively illustrated by Joan Sandin.

The High Deeds of Finn Cool. The Hound of Ulster. Retold by Rosemary Sutcliff (Dutton). Cadenced prose retellings of the legends about Finn (or Fionn) and Cuchulain, two great Irish heroes.

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