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Sounding off

Oh, wait, it occurs to me that I haven’t sounded off on the most important issues of the upcomming series of elections. I mean, how can you know where I stand on all the critical issues unless I tell you what I believe on those topics.

I have to talk about the important issues.

Wait, what are those again? I’m lost.

See, the government is doing it again. They are trying to confuse you about the REAL issues with a bunch of nothing issues that don’t matter. And once the elections occur, they can go back to business as usual and not worry about actually solving any problems.

For instance? Well, the Imigration issue. I think this is one of those topics that are done to confuse people and misdirect from the real issues, like Iraq and Afghanastan. So, we talk about taking 6000 troops, putting them on the border to prevent illegal crossings. Wow, that’s a national issue there. What about the illegal crossings into JFK, Heathrow, LAX, Atlanta and other such airports? I’m sure that there are hundreds more coming in through those ports than cross the border on foot.

What about flying into Quebec and then crossing into America on foot over the Canadian Border?

This is one of those distraction issues. Like Gay Marriage was in the last elections. Make a huge fuss over an issue that most people aren’t going to care about, or one that is guarenteed to polarize America (like abortion) and get everyone trying to prevent something that is illegal anyhow, and they seem to forget about 60 year old retirees who were called up for active duty in a foreign land and shot through the throat. They forget that there are all these people who
go into the Army for school credits and training, who are now leaving behind widows and children. Two Thousand Three Hundred or more, DEAD. If there had been an actual threat to the United States, I could see it. But do you realize that Canada is talking about taking over our responsibilities in the Middle East?

Where is the Oil Money that BushCo. promised us to pay for this war? How are they going to bring back the sons and daughters, husbands and wifes, mothers and fathers that have been executed by a stupid war policy that wasn’t very well thought out?

I’ll give Bush this, he’s canny. He has utterly convinced people that he’s stupid. Therefore he’s underestimated. And now we have bought it.

And next election, his brother is going to run for President.

Don’t forget about these problems. Don’t forget about flag-draped coffins. Don’t forget about mothers who won’t see their children grow (either becasue the children are dead in this war, or because the mothers themselves were killed). Don’t forget about the lies and the deliberately perpetrated falsehoods. Don’t forget about those who were injured, but who are still alive and crippled for the rest of their lives (which are about a 3 to 1 ratio with the dead).

Don’t forget these people. Vote, vote to stop this. And don’t get distracted AGAIN by Confirmations, domestic spying, gay marriage, abortion, and other such issues. Yes, those are important, but not as critical as the war.

And for Gods’ sakes, DO NOT buy into their rhetoric of fear AGAIN.

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