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Sorry about the problems earlier. A new security proceedure was instituted and it broke my blog. No big deal, for Jen at Drak.net [1] worked with me to get it fixed.

Now, let me sing the praises of Drak.net for a while. I have been here since almost two years after the Journal came into being. I had moved from free server to free server to free server and ALWAYS had problems. I had taken a job working with Jen so I could afford to pay for the Journal.

Since then, things have happened. I met Jaz DeWilis, formerly Gordon, a wonderful lady and a good friend who’s got a lot on her plate right now. I have met many BNP. I have been through three server farm moves, or is that four, mainly because there were problems with the company that Drak was buying their service from, and she didn’t want that to affect us. She has been working and doing and being and just really been good.

Who is “she”? Jen Bryan, owner and operator of Drak.net. It is a company that is not only Blue, but also female owned and it used to be Pagan, but Jen decided that UU fit her spiritual expression better.

Every time I have a problem, even if it’s my fault, she has been patient and courteous, up to and including checking with me to see if I want to upgrade service, refunding payments because I had a major problem, and occasionally giving me free service. (It used to be a policy to give former employees free hosting, but because of multiple moves, she had to discontinue that policy.)

Now, the point? THAT’S customer service. It’s something you don’t see very often these days. It’s interesting to watch and to realize that someone I have never seen face to face, never talked to on the phone, gives me better customer service than the fast food joint down the street where I spend more of my money.

The prices on Drak are reasonable (for example, I am running this site and I have almost 600 MB of space, 50 email addresses, something like 35 GB of transfer per month, and LOTS of other bells and whistles. What do I pay for this privledge? Only $15 per month. There is a $15 a year charge for my domain name, and that’s it. It’s $180 per year, plus the domain name charge, but that’s still reasonable for the level of service. She has plans down to an intro account, which is only $36 PER YEAR with the $15 domain name. For this, you get EVERYTHING I got when I started at Drak plus some.

For instance, when I started out, I got 100 MB of space, 10 GB of transfer per month, 10 email addresses, and 50 email forwarders. I paid $5 a month for that. It was called the “Jaz Account” in honor of the lady who came up with that package. Now it’s that inexpensive and the Intro account [2] actually has a little more than I got.

Yes, I’m singing their praises. I think Drak is a wonderful company and I think that anyone who is sane should be using them. If you ever considered getting a domain of your own, PLEASE consider Drak. The Intro account is PERFECT for personal pages, and unless you are doing things with LOTS of pictures, 100 MB is pretty hard to fill with HTML pages.

I’ll even admit that there are times I deserved to be cursed and cussed out by Jen for stupid shit I did, and she refrained. I don’t quite know how, I’m sure I’m responsible for some of her gray hair, but all I know is that she has never been anything but polite. She’s so polite that she set up a Yahoogroup for her customers so we can chat, interact, get peer help for problems and so on. This is against EVERY buisness suggestion I have ever seen. Doing that is almost giving a club to people to beat you up with. But we never have. There are a few people who make a public specticle of a private issue, but they tend to be the jerks anyhow.

So, if you want a place to put your personal page that gives you a lot and allows you a lot of leeway with what you are doing, sign up and say that erinsjournal recommended you. See, if I can get you guys to sign up, I get a credit on my hosting. I may not have to pay for a month or so if enough people sign up.