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Song to Awake Rhiannon

(Note from Daven: This is a poem my wife “channeled” one year a LONG time ago when we were correcting a set of documents we had in our possession. It was moving up on Ostara, which in our practice is when Rhiannon awakens from her sleep in the Winter, and prepares to take up her duties on Beltane. Herne has been without Her for three months, and misses His Lady terribly. This is His plea to Her to awaken and be with Him before He has to sleep at Litha.)

Song to Awake Rhiannon

By Mary

Herne came to me and said:

Awaken sweet wife, for I am lonely and need You.
Feel the power of my love for You, the heat of my Sun shining on You.

Hear the Birds, Your children calling to You to arise for they are alone and need You.
Springtime is here My love AWAKE! I beg You. AWAKE for I need You.

Without You there is no life and We are They who are the givers of life.
Without You there is no love and We are They who are the givers of love.
Without You I am lost and alone and We are They who are One.

Hear My blood call to Yours, Feel My love call to Yours, Know My Spirit calls to Yours.
Now is the time of Our togetherness begun anew, eternal in the circle.

I am impatient and will not waste a moment. Why do You?

Come with Me, be with Me, let My love warm and heat You, let My love feed and keep You!

Joy in Joining with You, One in Joining with You, Love in Joining with You!
Beloved Lady, Child, Lover, Mother, Wise One hear Me and awaken!

And Rhiannon awoke and said:

Heart I have heard your cry from the depths, from the void I have heard You! Despair not for My journey has been long.

Fear Not, Eternal is the circle, Eternal My love, Eternal My awakening. Beloved Lord, Child, Lover, Father, Hermit hear Me! Slow the awakening and hard the path. Healing have I been, resting have I been caring for the dark and the night have I been.

Joy to hear your song, Joy to hear you voice. I come My beloved! I cry for You lost in darkness. Fierce in Your loss. Life of My Life I hurry to you, each step a life time, each breath a millennium until I can join with You again.

Stars light your path.

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