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Something of a Press Release

In my review of Dragonlore [1], I state that I don’t like the Grey School as designed and run by Oberon Zell-Ravenheart. This is true. I really don’t like that school, the book that started it (Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard [2]) and I hate the concept totally.

This would probably prompt some people to ask why I don’t like them. There are many reasons I feel this way.

Most of the reasons I don’t like the book I discuss in the review of it. Those that I don’t say Zak [3] says better and for me.

Why don’t I like the Grey School? Mostly because of the same reasons I don’t like the Grimoire. It teaches incorrect facts, links fantasy up to reality and blurs the line between fantasy and reality constantly. It doesn’t teach any kind of tradition of Wicca or witchcraft that I recognize, and does not give any benefit to those taking the class.

It is a means of fleecing the the unsuspecting, normally those who don’t know any better, and the young who are trying to learn something.

I have heard rumors of the teachers being forced to teach specific things, whether or not they are actually true. There IS plagarism going on that I know of, and the members of that school are completely unrepentant of that plagarism and copyright theft. When it is brought to their attention, they plea “creative license” or “fair use” when it is neither.

Mostly however I am most upset and distressed with the hypocrasy in the “headmaster”. He has stated that he is upset with the current state of education with the popular Wiccan authors, with the different schools (such as Gavin and Yvonne’s school and the Corellian School), and he has written books that are better and more accurate in an attempt to present a better way.

Then he writes the Grimoire. Which is WORSE than anything out there.

Someone pointed out recently that it was a real shame that the school that was better than his school was the Corellian WitchSchool.

It is nothing but pandering to the lowest common denominator, with him trying to sell books, nothing more. He’s not trying educate, he’s trying to sell books, sell classes, sell downloads and whatever. Who honestly writes a book saying that Cerberus was sold to a fictional character so it could show up in a fiction book.

The whole thing disgusts me.