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Someone Advise me

Okay, as you know I’ve been playing with WordPress since the Journal got moved over to that format. I’ve put most of the content of the Journal up as pages instead of posts.

Let me explain a bit for those of you who are not WordPress gurus:

WordPress is a blogging software. In that it is like Livejournal, Dreamwidth, Movable Type and many other platforms out there. I use WordPress because it is I) free II) scalable and III) able to be hosted on my OWN servers, which means I control all that you see and do and how it is used.

This presents problems, however. The content I have here is mostly articles that are put there for you to read. This isn’t a shock, but the WAY that WordPress implements this is a PITA. Pages are for content that is not dynamic, that is static and doesn’t change (I am aware that all three of those mean the same thing, I’m trying to give a context to those who don’t know). But, pages are also outside the structure of WordPress.

It would be like you have a diary over here. In that diary you put all the things you come across, things you think, things you write. But at the same time, you have a three-ring binder that you have really special articles you keep coming back to and rearranging. Both of those, the diary and the notebook, reside on the same shelf on your bookcase, and that’s all that is there, just your diary (full of entries from all the way back to before) and your notebook of special things. You have an index in which you have the contents listed out.

The shelf is WordPress, the diary is the blog side of this software, and the notebook is the pages side.

There’s advantages to having it ALL as a diary, adding the pages back into the timeline of the blog. You can see where in the life of a person this particular thought came to them. You can read the entries before and after and get a feel for what was going on at the time. But having the pages separate also isolates them. You can’t find them easily anymore.

I think I have solved the problem of finding an entry by having the categories on the left. Those indexes have all the entries of a category, both blog and page. I’ve had to hack the code to do it, mainly by using someone else’s plugin that will assign categories to the pages (for WordPress does NOT do this by default, and it’s a feature they are unlikely to bring into future revisions).

But now I’m at a point where I am tearing my hair out.

Recent updates to WordPress have broken part of the function of my site. Mainly it has made the Page Category Plus plugin stop working (the one that assigns categories to the pages). This removes those pages from the index completely, leaving them hanging out in the open. I could get something to list all the pages in one place, but you wouldn’t be able to tell an entry from The Tree from a Review.

As a result of that, i’ve had to downgrade my install of WordPress. This makes it vulnerable to hackers (since it is no longer supported). But I got the function back.

I COULD reintegrate ALL the pages back into posts (getting rid of the “notebook” and putting the pages back into the “diary”) with something else I have as a plugin, but I’m reluctant to do that since it would break the “structure” I have in my brain of what goes where. Pages are the Book of Shadows, blog posts are the Book of Mirrors (or metaphysical journal).

To you, you won’t see a difference. You will have navigation links at the bottom of EVERYTHING and the date the particular piece was posted on EVERYTHING, as well as any tags I have landed on those particular pages. Net effect is the same structure you see now.

So, I’m kind of questioning and second guessing myself.

Also, any time I add an article or “page” to here, it would show up in the RSS feed and on places like Dreamwidth and Livejournal. So more people would get notified when something new goes up.

There’s lots of people out there that use their WordPress exactly like this, but I think it’s stupid. However, it is looking like I will have to cave in regardless. I don’t wanna, but it is looking that way.

So, advice? I’ve put down all that I know and think in this post. Any thoughts or suggestions to help me make this decision? Come to Daven’s Journal, log in with your Livejournal or Dreamwidth account and comment.

(You can do that by putting your web log site in the “Open ID” field of the login section to the left. Just type in http://(yourusername).dreamwidth.org or http://www.livejournal.com/(username) and hit “login”. It will take you to a page on Dreamwidth or Livejournal asking you to authorize this, and when you do so, you now have an account HERE. Cool, huh? You can do that with a lot of logins.)

Long posts, articles and such, would be cut so that they don’t screw up your friend’s page on those sites, and lead you to the entire article here. Same with the RSS feed and so on.


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5 Responses to “Someone Advise me”

  1. You may not care for this suggestion, but…

    Your description of the problem suggests an obvious answer. You need two WP installs. One is your Book of Mirrors (this one probably) and the other is your Book of Shadows.

    • Nick says:

      If you were going to do that, it would be best to use the WordPress Multi-user installation. Then everything would still be on the one domain, but you set up as many subdomains as you wish or the structure dictates – and it can be grown over time.

  2. lucien grey says:

    I just wanted to ask, forgive me for digressing, from where do you find all the time to set up such a comprehensive blog? I envy you.

    • Erin says:

      I wrote it in dribs and drabs over time, between email groups, forums, what I put in my own Book of Shadows, and stuff I’ve saved from various online forums, email groups, articles that are part of published books of shadows, I compiled it all here. Some of the material is purpose written for classes and so on. I do articles for other publications, like many of my reviews are now going to a website called “Facing North”. Nearly anything I write, if I feel it is relevant to my spirituality, goes here. This is also about 20 years of compiled information. This site has been up, in one form or another, for about 12 years too. So it’s taken time, and word of mouth. It wasn’t going to be made in just one day.

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