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HomePosts, Updates So, you want to be a Shaman….

So, you want to be a Shaman….


I think that you should probably read this first.


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One Response to “So, you want to be a Shaman….”

  1. mer says:

    I once heard a irish-american argue the same thing on a celtic reconstructionist forum.

    He was pretty intelligent and while I was a bit sceptical about an irish-american arguing this, to be honest he won me over.

    I still think there is a lot he hasn’t heard or read, but I think his parents did a better job of passing information on than him. Luckly since I live here I get to read lots more information and talk to a lot more people.

    He argued language is very important if you want to learn about a path, I disagreed then but he is probally correct. The bits I know has helped from time to time and material in irish is very useful.

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