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Site Tweaking part (whatever)


Been tweaking the site some more again. And I stress again.

I did a search for “xhtml” and found all the pages that still pointed to a page on the old Daven’s Journal site. I’ve got about 75% of them corrected on the PAGES, meaning articles, and I still have yet to do this little tweak to the posts. That’s going to take a while.

While I was at it, I found a bunch of articles that I needed to repost here. Either they didn’t link up to the old site correctly, or they disappeared off the Internet. So where possible I dug into Archive.org and rescued the text, then just posted it like normal.

So now I get to finish up for the day at work (which I still have, although this might be the last day if the paperwork doesn’t get through) and go home, to finish up this task.

(Just to give you an idea of how much had to be done, I did a search and got 100 results in just the articles, sometimes multiple links in the same article, which I THEN had to find links for on this new site)

So you will see some new articles. You will also see the first four of the High Magick Classes linked up on the High Magick Class and Syllabus page. It will lead you to PDF files of those classes, and I’ll get more up when they are done.

As anything, if you have problems, just leave a comment or email me directly. I’ll get back to you or fix it.

Thank you all.

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3 Responses to “Site Tweaking part (whatever)”

  1. David Reeves says:

    Hi Daven, your new website doesn’t look right on my new computer with a 1920×1080 display, things are in strange places – I didn’t have time to glance at your source HTML but I did take a quick screen shot so you would have an idea of what’s messed up: http://www.destructavator.com/92dl/FrontPage.jpg

    (This is with FireFox, on Windows 7. Haven’t tried looking at your site on Linux yet, but soon will.)

    • Erin Daven says:

      It won’t help. The problem that you are seeing is the background images. I only accounted for a 1600 width for the images, and I cheated on that as well (one is a scosh shorter than the other). So it looks like I’m going to have to increase the width to 2100 or so to accommodate those who have exceedingly large resolutions.

  2. CHARMAINE says:

    Did my own calculations using your grid and came up with different number for personality and soul urge. that were produced by your calculator….
    Charmaine Lydia Quintana; Soul Urge = 5 and Personality = 2
    Just wanted to let you know, cause I like this system.

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