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Occasionally I go through the site logs for this place, and sometimes I find interesting links and sometimes search terms. One such interesting search term for this past month was

“What do the letters w.i.c.c.a. mean?”

Nothing. That’s the short answer.

The letters are NOT an anagram, they are a word, Wicca. It is a modernized version of the word “wica”. On WitchVox (and I don’t have the ability to link it right now) Mike Nichols has a wonderful piece exploring the word Wicca and it’s origins. I suggest you look it up.

But the short answer is that w.i.c.c.a. means nothing that I know of.

I think Disney’s comic had W.i.t.c.h as the title, but I don’t know of anything that is about w.i.c.c.a.

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