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Shoutout and thank you


 Dear Erin,I used to visit Daven’s Journal a lot up until a couple of years ago. I became a little disheartened by all things Pagan and let everything lapse in that context.Your journal, along with Witchvox, was my main port of call when I wanted to read the views of someone who seemed to have integrity and honesty about their beliefs. It was a welcome change from seeing the hundreds of sites created by people who were less interested in the spirituality and who hadn’t actually done any research into what they supposedly believed.This morning I did a Google search for Daven’s Journal for the first time in an age and was predictably confused when I followed the link and saw Erin’s Journal as the banner on the front page. After some reading around your site to find out what happened, my confusion has gone.I won’t insult you by saying I understand what you’ve gone through with the incredible changes in your life. I’m male and feel comfortable with who and what I am inside and out. So, I can’t possibly begin to grasp the amount of soul searching you must have gone through to make the decisions you have. You have a huge amount of courage to do what you’ve done, and I’m not just talking about changing your site and being open about why. I mean everything. I wish you all the best and huge respect to you for continuing to be so honest and open.I’ll keep visiting Erin’s Journal now that I’ve found it again. :)Blessings,

Bless you my dear writer.  You have no clue how much this means to me and how much it made my day.

In the two years I’ve been doing my transition, it has been a hard long battle, against society, against relatives, and moreso, against myself.  There are days I doubt what I did and feel that I was selfish to do it, but then I get something like this and I feel so much better about it.

Thank you.


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