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Shields and Wards

Shields and Wards

Well, I’m pulling this off another page since I have needed to reference this about 50 times and had to find it AGAIN buried in my lessons.  So, without further ado, here is my collected discussion about warding and shielding.

Shields and Wards

One of the first things that you need to accept and act accordingly when dealing with these protections is that they are real. If you assume that they are simply a projection of your imagination, you may as well stop now. No matter the tradition you are trained in, ALL of them have some variant of protection as part of its structure. Some examples of this are:

Wiccans “Casting a Circle” Christians “Dedication and Sanctification” Native ceremonies of blessing and consecration of the Drum Circle Prayers for protection

There are more, but I think you have the idea. Most of these seem to be definable as prayers; very few traditions and religions go so far as to make this a magickal rite in and of itself.

However, when dealing with the Astral World, one must assume that because you are able to interact with that world, that there are things that need to be protected against. Some of them are nuisances, some are curious, and some are truly dangerous. Also you must keep in mind that just as you can protect an area for yourself, so can others. Thus, if you encounter a wall on the Astral Plane that you cannot get past, leave it alone. Let me say that again, if you encounter a wall on the Astral Plane that you cannot get past, leave it alone.

Regardless of the type of protection that is needed, there are a few steps that are similar.

First is the preparation; getting yourself into a meditative or ecstatic mindset in which your consciousness is altered enough to allow you to see on the Astral Plane without leaving your body.

Second is the visualization of what you want to do.

Third is usually the actual construction of the protections (generally with the medium of a god-like being helping or doing it themselves).

Finally, there is the assumption that the protections are working and forgetting about them.

The preparation phase is probably the easiest to actually do, since it’s the same state that you go into each night before you fall into true sleep. It’s a self-hypnotic state in which you can see into the Astral Plane, see the things that you wish to protect against, sense them or what have you. It’s a lowering of the mental barriers the most of us have in place on a day to day basis that allow us to function in only THIS plane. Once they are lowered and you are calm and centered, step two can be started.

This is where you decide just what you need. Do you shield yourself or Ward the House you are in? A shield is mobile and will travel with you, and consequently is easier to construct, but a Ward will protect anyone in the home with you. However, to counteract that advantage, anyone on the inside of the wards will be able to invite other beings across. There are a few ways around this. You can make sure no one ever comes in your house, but that is not very practical. I will discuss another way in a while.

Understand, a Shield or Ward acts exactly like a force field on the Astral Plane. It will repel and prevent things on the Astral Plane from crossing its boundaries so long as it is in existence. In addition, anything that exists on the Astral plane inside those protections will be unable to cross those protections to get out, so it could be effective in trapping a spirit that you wish to be contained.

Generally, the mental visualization that many use is a sphere or egg of light, surrounding and encasing whatever it is they want to protect. That sphere is sometimes shrunk down to the surface of whatever is being protected, but not always. In this case, your aura is almost exactly like a shield, the only difference being that the aura itself is completely unconscious protection, and a shield is under conscious control.

A shield or ward can also protect from things like magick and psychic abilities as well. If, for example, you are one of those who feel other people’s emotions all the time (also referred to as an Empath), a shield can keep those emotions out of your perception and allow you to regain a good deal of mental stability.

Many meditations, self-hypnotic tapes and guided meditations take you through this step without you being aware of it. If you have ever listened to any of these, do you remember the part where the person speaking was talking about how your body was relaxed and the light was all around you? That is the set of suggestions that enable you to construct a simple shield around yourself. It usually doesn’t last beyond the end of that session, but it still protects you to an extent while you are in this trance.

Now, having determined the type of protection you need, how do you go about creating it?

Most shields and Wards are created entirely with the visualization of the mind. Normally, the caster creates the structure of the protection in his/her imagination, feeding energy into it from him/herself, then releasing it to settle around whatever is to be protected. It can be as simple as feeling as though you are wrapping yourself into a thicker and thicker blanket, to standing under a waterfall, to building a brick wall around you, to seeing a crystalline faceted geodesic sphere around your house. It all depends on what you want it to look like and your skill in visualizing it.

Normally many people have a good idea what they want to keep out with this kind of ritual, be it intangibles such as thought and emotion, to magickal energies that could be directed at them, to astral beings that are not specifically invited into the wards, to everything. You need to keep this in mind as you construct these wards and shields.

I’ll share with you MY shielding/warding spell and tell you about my permanent wards on my house, just to give you an idea. However, this is not all-inclusive and there will be links to other articles dealing with this same subject at the end of this essay.

Daven’s Wards and Shields

I have two different kinds of shields, really. I have the wards on my home, which I take a part of when I leave, and the shields that I put up in case I need to do something psychic away from home. I’ll tell you about the second kind first.

When I start (we will assume this is a magickal rite, or a spell that I’m casting), the first thing I do is define the area I wish to protect. If it is only myself, as opposed to a Circle in which I invoke the Gods and so on, then all I do is simply see a ball of light deep inside my chest, inside my heart. I see that ball as being perfectly solid, bright and full of energy. I grow that ball larger and larger, until it is solid and filling my chest area. Now, this does take energy. I then tell that ball of light that it will be come a shield around me to keep out ________________. Because I’m the one creating this, I make sure that the energy understands me and that I have convinced it that it will become a shield. Then I continue to expand that ball, while a hollow place in the center of that ball forms. As the sphere continues to expand, the walls get thinner and everything that is negative in myself driven out in front of those expanding walls of light.

Eventually, I finish expanding it around me. Now I’m in the center of that sphere of light, with it surrounding me and taking it’s energy directly from me and my life force. Usually at this point, I shrink the sphere down so that it is right next to my skin, once again surrounding me and continuing to glow brightly. I dim the intensity of the glow down so that it is not so bright, and thin the walls of that shield until I can sense the things I need to outside of the shield.

That’s it. End of the fireworks.

The process is similar for a Ward, and my first ones were exactly the same, save that I kept expanding the shield until it surrounded my house, then shrunk it down to the walls of the house I was in, and then I hooked the electrical power in the walls into the shields so that the ward would be powered by the electricity itself, rather than from me. With this process, you can also make your doorways “clean room suits”. Imagine that as a person enters, the ward bends around them stretching over them like a glove so that they are inside the room but not the wards. It is analogous to the suits attached to long plastic umbilicals used for very dangerous germs and viruses.

Here are links to some other wards and shields I know of:

The Ritual of Warding
Ward and Guards
Questions and answers about shielding
Protecting Yourself
A Simple Warding
Two Protective Rituals

just to name a few. 😉

Most often, wards and shields are nothing more than creative visualization. There are certainly times that someone takes the process to an extreme and makes a whole rite out of it.

Please note a few things:

  1. These do not necessarily get rid of something that is already there, it will only protect from new outside influences
  2. This does not sanctify an area, that is a whole ‘nother rite.
  3. People inside the wards (as opposed to the shields) will be able to invite other beings inside, without your consent, unless you take steps to make sure that you are the only one with the authority to invite them in (adding a structure to the ward).
  4. These need power continuously. Most commonly a shield is directly linked into the spine and powered from your energies. A ward is usually powered by an outside source, such as the elements or electricity.
  5. As the creator of them, YOU will know if someone breaches them without consent, but you will have to figure out what that “feels” like.

And finally, a caution, once cast, you can get rid of the wards or shields by simply believing them not there. So, if you have the occasion to remember your shield or ward, know that they are still there; still protecting you, or you will have to go through the entire process again.

I’m adding the text of an email I sent a while back to a mother who was being haunted by an astral entity, and had written me for help. She consequently wrote back and told me that it worked perfectly and she had no further problems.


Well, this is an interesting problem you have. I can only offer some suggestions, not a solution.

First off, you must understand that a shield like what you tried to erect around your house only keeps out new influences, it does not prevent those that are already there from continuing to occur.

Think of this like you would a building. The Shield or Ward is like the physical walls of this building, and locking the doors will keep out others, but not prevent everything from being stolen by those who are already inside.

You are going to have to cleanse your house. By that I mean you will need to vacuum the entire house, bottom to top, dust and clean everything in your house, including anyone who is living inside. If it helps, use an herbal bath designed for cleansing like you will find in some books or on the Internet under “aromatherapy”.

Next, you will have to bless your house. First, raise a “temporary” shield around the house. Think of a force field like from Star Trek completely enclosing your house, even through the ground. Next you will use that smudge you had to drive out the things in the house. “See” them, in your mind, being driven out of your house by the smoke of the smudge and through the force field you put up. Go through every part of the house with this smudge, fanning the smoke into the corners and against the walls as well. Start from the center of the room and work your way outward.

Once that is done, turn the shield you have around your house into a permanent barrier. Simply “see” it shrinking down to the walls and roof and foundation of the house and settling there. See the electrical system feeding the energy to the shield to keep it erect and present. That’s all you need to do.

This should keep out everything that you do not specifically invite into your home. Your Angels, Guardians, Guides, Teachers, what-have-you will not cross this barrier unless you tell them it’s okay for them to be present. Everything else it will keep out.

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