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Sex Magick

This is a very potent type of magick in which the act of making love is used to fuel the spell.

The first thing that needs to be done is for both partners to have it clear in their minds just what the goal of the spell should be. This is necessary so that both people can have an idea of what needs to be done. The man may not be able to keep his mind on it, and the woman may find it hard to do so as well, but they both need to subconsciously keep their minds on where the energy is going and what it is supposed to do.

After the goal is clear in each person’s mind, stimulation should begin. Start slowly and build higher and faster. Normally this process should take at least a half an hour. Penetration and orgasm should be avoided at this time. The male should be over-stimulated, while the man is also arousing the female. Ideally, the man should be almost mindless with pleasure.

When the male reaches this point, penetration should occur. The female should do everything in her power to attain orgasm at the same time the male does. The female needs to take the energy released by the orgasm of the man as well as her own energy and channel it into the outcome she has kept in mind.

That’s the process, now let’s take the rest of the article to discuss a few theoretical thoughts.

At orgasm, there is an incredible amount of energy released. This energy is the reason that the man normally falls asleep after sex and the female usually wakes up. Just like she becomes the repository for the sperm, she also becomes the caretaker of all that energy. Energy that usually goes toward making a new child. The amount of energy built is proportional to the amount of stimulation and the time taken during foreplay.

Just as the energy is sacred, so to are the sexual secretions (the sperm and semen and vaginal fluids). The salted water is representative of semen. Thus, the semen can be used directly for the consecration of those things you need to anoint. Unfortunately, the semen doesn’t stay fresh for very long.

All of this is creation magick. None of it can be used for destructive purposes. Think a bit. The primary purpose of sex is to have children (creation of life). Thus the energy and secretions can only be used to create things and situations.

Let’s assume that you wish to stop smoking. Destructive purpose, right? Not necessarily. You can use the energy to create a situation where you don’t smoke anymore and don’t need to smoke.

Masturbation can be done when you have no partner. This is perfectly acceptable. There is no shame in it. Autoeroticism has a long and glorious past, and only the Christian Church has made people ashamed of it.

Because the sexual secretions have residual energy in them, anything anointed with those secretions will be charged from then on. Granted, it will be a small amount of energy, but you may want to consider it a magickal “primer”. Any charging you do will be easier from that point on.

Any sexual energy you don’t use for another purpose will automatically go to those items and spells that use that sexual energy as a primer or as an integral part of the casting. For example, if the energy is used to cast Wards, then sex only for pleasure will send that energy to those wards, reinforcing them. The sex energy in the “primer” will attract any other sexual energy like a magnet attracts iron filings.

The exception to this ‘rule’ is when you do a sex ritual to renew the Earth’s fertility. When this ritual is done, it must be done consciously every time. There is no default on this one.

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