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HomeRituals Scatha Gunn’s Full Moon Binding Ritual

Scatha Gunn’s Full Moon Binding Ritual

Other Author

Performed with Non-Sectarian Group on 02/95

I The presider should gather the participants outside of the circle prior to starting the ritual outside of what will be the circle area.

You have come here on this eve of your own free will. I ask you to walk around and breath in the night air. Think about the life around you. Draw it into you. Think about the Life which is around you and which fills you. Walk around and talk and converse with those who are around you and will join you in this circle. When I call you to the circle, bring only your soul and not your physical body.

The presider should then cast the circle. You will need the usual ritual materials but also you will need the same number of scarves as their are participants. It could be scarves or just pieces of cloth. Make sure that you have the same number or even a few extra for safe measure.

II The presider shall set the circle in the following way. The center of the circle shall be the main altar which will have a white, black, red, blue, yellow/orange, and green candle on it. It should have a goblet filled with water, a pitcher with some water, a small dish of salt and an athame. There should also be a small dish of earth. The quarters should have the appropriate color candle and an incense to be lit later. The preparation of the circle can be done as flamboyant and as loud as you wish. Keep in mind the area and the people who will be participating and that this is a full moon ritual so be as light and as emotional as the brightness of the moon. Dance or Sing your incantations.

On this night oh Lord and Lady we come here of our own free thoughtful will to honor you and to draw from you the power and the essence of life around us. We need to become reacquainted with you and with the essences of Life which are around us on a daily basis. On this night, I ask you oh Lady to come here and bless us this night during this magick rite so that we may become part of your eternal glow and that the brightness of your full radiant moon will shed light into the dark recesses of our souls. I ask you to bless us as I light this candle on our altar so that you shall be physically represented here on this night.

The presider should then light the white candle on the altar.

Oh, Lord you are the physical balance and essence and the consort of the Lady. To make this ritual balanced and so that we may honor you as well, we ask that you come here this night and bless us with your guidance and presence so that we shall become mindful of the need for balance in our lives both spiritual and physical.

The presider should then light the black candle on the altar. The presider should then go to the yellow/orange candle (which represents Air in the East) which is on the altar and say something like:

This night we shall seek to enter the spiritual plane and to leave behind us the cares and worries of the physical realm. I ask the Lord and Lady of Air come and grace us this night with their presence so that we may be reminded of this spiritual quest which we make. I ask you to bless us and protect us during this magickal rite so that we may be safe in the realm which we as mortals have come to neglect and forget.

The presider should then light the candle and then proceed to the southern altar candle:

This is a night of emotions and passions which are contained within a physical realm and body. I ask the Lords and Ladies of the South to come here this night and to bless us with their knowledge and strength. Allow us to understand and concede to our passions and emotions on this night. To fill ourselves with the Light and Strength of Life. Burn away all our physical burdens and barriers. Burn away our fears and our doubts. I ask you come here this night and to bless us with your protective presence.

The presider should then light the candle and then proceed to the western altar candle:

We speak of balance and the need to find balance between the spiritual side and the physical realms. But we must also understand the need for Life to ebb and flow. Our lives and those around us change like the seasons and we must learn to become accustomed to this pattern of Life and accept it. I ask on this night for the soothing and flowing essences of the Lords and Ladies of Water to come here and honor us. I hope that their presence here on this night during this magickal rite will help us to accept that which we have the spiritual strength to learn on this night.

The presider should then light the candle and then proceed to the northern altar candle:

Oh, Lords and Ladies of Earth I ask you come here on this night to provide us with strength and firmness of our convictions. I ask that you come and honor this magickal rite with your presence and the essences of Life which you represent. I ask you to protect us on this night and to aid making this a separate and spiritual realm. May your firmness be felt and may you provide us with strength aid us in this night. I hope that you will be present on this night under our feet and in the life around us.

The presider should then light the candle in the north altar. Now the presider should bless the water and consecrate the ground which the people shall stand:

Oh, water of Life you are the balancer of all things and are found in all things including those who come here on this night. As I sprinkle your tiny drops on the ground which shall become the sacred circle I ask that you provide strength and balance to those who tread on this ground.

The presider should sprinkle the water around the circle clockwise in the area which will be the circle area. Then should dump or drip the remaining water on the ground in the west or somewhere near the altar. The presider should now take the plate with earth and say:

On this plate is contained a small part of the great mother. Like each of those who shall come to this circle on this eve, may we remember that we are part of the Mother and she part of us. We are all equal in her eyes and all deserving of her love. As I sprinkle this earth on earth, may we come to remember that we are worthy of goodness and worthy of Life and all that she brings us. Bless this circle and all who enter it on this night.

The presider should sprinkle the earth around the circle clockwise in the area which will be the circle area. Then should dump the remainder on the ground in the north or somewhere near the altar. The presider should now take the plate with the salt (preferably sea salt) and say:

On this plate is the salt of the Earth and the essence of Water. It is the component of all who will enter the circle this night. It is the aspect of the Lord and the stable part of this ritual. It is a crystalline structure which is steady and which is solid though small. I ask that this sacred salt bless the circle and also bless this water chalice to become free and open. The salt shall become unburdened by the Water and be a symbol of the unburdening of our souls on this night and the growing acceptance of who we are and the Goddess.

The presider then take a few pinches and place them into the chalice. The rest of the salt should be sprinkled on the circle area in a clockwise direction. The remainder should be tossed up in the air above the altar. The water chalice which has the combination of salt and water should then be taken to the portal area of the circle. A few drops should be placed in a line to create a portal on the ground:

With these drops, I ask that a portal between the realms be created so that those who cross this portal shall enter the realm of the spiritual and the realm of the soul. I ask that they leave behind them all mortal and physical cares.

The presider should then put the glass down on the ground so that it will be handy. The presider should also get the scarves at this point and lay them near to the water.

III After cutting the doorway for the portal, the presider should call the people to the circle, each person should be greeted the same way and should have the following questions asked of them and things done to them:

Who comes here on this eve?

Do you come here of your own free will?

Why do you come here on this night?

By what name do you wish to be called in this circle?

The presider should then sprinkle a little bit of the sacred water on the scarf for that person as well as their feet:

As I bless these sacred tools, I ask that you bear in mind that you wish to enter the realm of the soul and the spiritual realm of the Goddess. Leave behind all cares and worries and all essences of your daily life.

The presider should them blindfold the person and then spin them around once. Then should lead them carefully to a place on the circle. It doesn’t matter where but make sure that your soul decides where to place them on the circle edge. Speak to them as you walk them around be pleasant and calming to them especially if they are new.

When the last person has come into the circle, close the portal and take the extra scarves to the altar and dump the sacred water on the portal line.

IV. The presider should now approach the person who is standing the closest to the Air candle which is on the edge of the circle. Make sure to take a taper or something to light the candle with over to the person. Whisper in their ear to take off their blindfold and drop it on the ground in front of them. Then give them the flame and ask them to call the element of Air to the circle on this eve however they wish as they call and light the candle go to those around that candle and take off there blindfolds. Drop them on the ground in front of them.

Repeat the same process for each of the remain three elements till all the people have no blindfolds and the candles are all lit.

V. You all have entered the realm of the Goddess on this night and have been reborn of the elements and essence of Life. You have come here this night of this realm to accept that which the Gods have to offer and to realize that you are part of the world around you. You need to learn that you are a spoke in the wheel of life not only of your own life but of those around you. Those of this circle and those who you encounter in the world around you on a daily basis. I ask you now to breath in and out and to think about the world of Life and the breath of life which fills your soul on this eve. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth like your body was originally designed to do. Breathe in and out. Slow and more and more deeply each time. Close your eyes if you wish.

Pause and let them do this for awhile.

Feel the Goddess and the energy which she brings to your life. Feel the energy of the earth as it comes in through your feet. Feel the Air on your skin. The Water flowing through you and in each of your cells. Become aware of the water of life within you. Touch yourself if you wish. Look at yourself if you wish. Feel the fire of the world around you in your breath, in the connection with those next to you, the earth beneath your feet and the light of the Goddess on your heads from the Moon.

Pause and let them do this for awhile.

VI Now I ask you to take hold of the scarf which bound and closed your eyes to the world and realm of the Goddess. Take it firm in your left hand. Come closer and closer to the altar until you are touching the person next to you’s scarf in their hand.

Wait till they do this.

Now take the end of the scarf in your hand. Hold it tight. Now expand the circle till the scarves are tight and you have made a circle.

Make sure that you are not in the circle and if anyone needs help join in or offer help.

Now close your eyes. Begin to walk slowly in a clockwise direction around the altar. Keeping the scarf taught. Walk slowly are surely.

Watch and help when needed.

Now open your eyes. Keep moving and slowly increase the speed at which you circle around the altar. Feel the energy around you and feel the strength and power within you and those around you. As you increase the speed of the circle, feel the energy of the souls here on this night.

Watch and help when needed. As they get faster, say:

When you feel that you can no longer hold on let go and go free to your place. If you are still connected to someone keep going around the altar till your partner is not there.

Wait till all the people have gone to the edge of the circle.

VIII You have felt the energy of the world and Life around you. Keep that in mind. This life is always around you and you can draw upon it at anytime and at any place. You are part of the Goddess and the world. Take with you this energy and take with this knowledge and learn to balance your spiritual life with your physical life.

Now go to the person who is now near the Eastern Candle. Do not pick the same person. Ask them to thank the Element of Air for coming and to release it from it’s candle here. Do the same for the remaining three candles. As the person takes care of the candle on the edge make sure that you dispel the flame from the altar candle which matches that element. By the end of this stage the Lord and Lady candle should be left.

IX I thank the Lord and Lady for coming here this night and honoring us with their presence, protection, and essence. May we take away with us their understanding and a portion of their wisdom. As I quench these flames, may we recognize that they are always with us and that even though we are expelling the symbol of it on our altar. They are always in our souls and our physical bodies.

The presider should then quench the flames of the God/Goddess candles.

Thank you for coming on this night and as you cross the boundary into the physical realm may your soul remember this night. Merry meet, merry part and merry meet again. So mote it be.

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