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Save the Internet


Okay, here’s the deal, there are companies who are lobying congress to try to take away the “net neutrality”. This means, in effect, that you, depending on who you get your internet access from, will only see sites that pay the various ISPs to show them. This is “payola” for the Internet.

This means that if Bellsouth finds my site offenseive, they won’t have to show it to their subscribers unless I pay them enough to make it worth their while. If Comcast doesn’t like Livejournal, well, sorry. If Roadrunner can’t stand Google, then that’s tough.

This is not an internet hoax. This is coming from multiple places like MoveOn.org, the Democrats and so on.


This link is a petition to stop this. It’s to try to get your congresscritter to not sign onto this bill or not to vote for it.

Let me dig up some links about this:



and it just goes on.


Every day I thank the Gods that “they” can’t censor the Internet itself. But with this propopsal, they actually can. That means the end of free speech online.

Sign, work with us. Save the Internet, tell others, send them through this link: http://tinyurl.com/kw74b and keep working. Get them to tell others.

I have visions of a shampoo commercial now….

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One Response to “Save the Internet”

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    Besides hosting considerations, most web sites are able to be accessed at a fairly fast speed.  A person can create a blog or web site and that can be accessed by people from around the world.  That soon may change.  Cable and phone companies a…

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