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Ritual of Warding

This is the full ritual, with all the bangles and bells.

Items needed:

  • 5 white candles
  • 5 sticks or cones of incense
  • 5 stones of differing types
  • Salt or rice
  • Water
  • A lamp
  • Incense of a different type from the other
  • The 4 aces from a deck of tarot cards
  • Magician and High Priestess from the Deck

This is a ritual of wading for a place or house, not a person. Done on a waxing or full Moon.

  1. Place one candle at each corner or compass point. Put the last on altar in the center.
  2. Place incense and stone (whichever feels right) with each candle
  3. Put the Ace of Swords and the other incense in the North
  4. Place the ace of cups and water in the east
  5. Put ace of pentacles and Salt or rice in the south
  6. Place Ace of Wands and lamp in the West.
  7. Put the Magician and the High Priestess on the Altar. Also put one stone, the water and salt on Altar.
  8. Light the Altar candle. Invoke the God and Goddess as you do so by asking them to attend these proceedings.
  9. Taking the candle, go to the North and light that candle. Ask the Archangel Michael to come and guard this place while lighting the incense off the altar candle. Anchor the Ward to the North by invoking the Powers of the Air. Ground this corner with the Stone.
  10. Move to the East. Light the candle and invoke the Archangel Gabriel. Anchor it in the water and ground the shield. Envision the ward taking shape as a light blue force field going from candle to candle. Light the incense.
  11. Repeat step 10 for the South (Raphiel and Earth) and the West (Uriel and Fire).
  12. Move back to the North and go back to the Altar.
  13. Close your eyes and see the Wards in your mind. See it as either a box (room) or as a hemisphere (outside) that shields you from all sides. Place the candle back on the altar and light the incense.
  14. Say “By the power of the Lord and Lady, I shield this place. I invoke the four directions, North, South, East and West. By the four Elements I call this shield into being, Air, Earth, Fire and Water. I ask the four Archangels to guard this place. Michael, Raphiel, Gabriel and Uriel. With these wards, nothing of hostile or negative intent will be able to cross them without permission. Forever and always, so mote it be.”
  15. Stay in the Wards until the altar incense burns out. Extinguish the candles in reverse order.
  16. When entering or leaving the area, DO NOT see the wards dropping. It is a solid object to an astral creature, but material ones may pass through freely.

Be aware that to others, the wards look scary as heck. Benevolent creatures won’t violate them without your express permission. Malevolent creatures won’t be able to. If they try, the wards will bite them. Creatures who are neither good nor evil will be able to cross at will, but they will have to overcome their fear of the Wards.

Please note that as with all ritual magick, the area and you need to be as clean as possible.

The above is the long version which will be anchored in place and should not need renewing. There is a quick method, which takes about 20 minutes and needs no props.

  • Envision one wall and see a blue sheet extending from one side to the other.
  • Connect another sheet to the first and spread it over the next wall.
  • Repeat step 2 for the rest of the room.
  • See the shields connecting themselves into the electrical system of the room you are in. Alternatively, ground the Wards out to the Earth.

This type of ward is quicker, but it tends to degenerate more quickly. Otherwise, it is exactly the same as the preceding ceremony.

Stars light your path.

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