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Materials Needed:

  1. Bowl (such as a fish bowl or cauldron)
  2. 3 rocks one small one medium and one large
  3. One twig
  4. Water

What to Do:

Begin by casting your circle a nice blue circle. Then fill the bowl with water about to the brim and imagine a calm place. You are being totally calm without any cares in the world. Then open your eyes and dip your finger in the water and bring it back up letting the water on your finger drip into the bowl as you imagine once again your calm cool place.

Then imagine excitement and joy in you. Open your eyes and drop the small rock into the bowl of water watch it splash and wave

Imagine next anger filling you. Open your eyes and drop the medium size rock into the bowl and watch the bigger waves the bigger splash

Next imagine filling your self with absolute madness and frustration as you drop the largest rock into the bowl watch the splash enormous in size

Imagine next total peace joy and harmony as you drop the twig in there as it pops back up to the top floating as light as a feather

Now the next time you feel anger or frustration imagine the rock of that emotion dropping from a big place into a bowl of water. As it drops envision it slowly turning into the smaller rock and then the smaller rock and then eventually into the calm symbolism as the first drop of water lightly glimpsing the water. Or imagine it changing from a rock to the twig so you can change your emotions around in the water and through the air

Remember that if you throw a rock in a lake even if you go and dive to the bottom of that lake and pick up that rock that lake is forever changed by that rock. The lake will never erase in its notion that rock breaking the calm of that water yet it will forget the emotion it had when that rock came through its layer of harmony.

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