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Revelations on Rhiannon

I sometimes have a hard time deciding where to publish things like this. So I’m posting it to Daven’s Journal as well as to my private Livejournal, simply because it is important to each.

Rhiannon of the Birds, Goddess, mother of Pryderi, beloved and wife of both Pwyll (Chancellor of Anwynn) and Manawydan (god of the sea). Mother figure, Queen and associated with Horses (and in some studies, linked to Epona). Former Goddess and denizen of the Bright World, where she was betrothed to a god she didn’t like, whose brother took revenge on her later, destroying Dyfed, Pwyll’s kingdom.

Those are the stories that are out there and in the Mabinogion. They are what is. I, however, extracted some additional information from it.

So that’s it. Huge revelations.

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#1 Comment By Heather On 19 October, 2006 @ 10:02 AM

Hi, I believe we went to school/dragonware togather…I was a Townsend back then. If you remember me, please chat back.
Heather Grillo
(I married Matt Grillo!)

#2 Comment By Candy Smith On 19 October, 2006 @ 2:40 PM

Eric…if you lived in Conyers, you and I once were pretty good friends. I would just love to chat! Dont be frightened by my myspace page…I am diverse. LOL. I look forward to hearing from you, old friend. Candy

#3 Comment By Daven On 29 October, 2009 @ 11:16 AM

Just to let everyone know, these were two people that I knew and loved from a gaming store called “Dragonware Hobbies” in Conyers GA. I have contacted them both and we spent some time talking.

Now, you can stop wondering. LOL