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Well, with the implementation of this blog and the feed of it to the FrontPage, I’m hereby officially redesigning the *FRONTPAGE* only. I took a look at it and it’s really really crowded and stuffed with things. So, in the interest of allowing all of you to be able to read and actually find things, I’m going to be moving elements around and so on.

Probably let the rants go to another page, but there will be a link. Also probably going to move some of the other things around. Basically what is going to remain here is the update sections, the whiteboard, the counter, the counter *might* move to the title bar up top, and this feed.

Or I think I may just incorporate the rants into the blog. Yeah, I think that’s the way to go.

Move everything to the right side of the page, reduce the links down to just text links and make them small, put them in one long column, move the rants off altogether, move the info stuff to its own page and put a link to it, the charity stuff goes to the SiteStuff page, the search box stays however, and the link comes off the ToC to the left.

Gonna take some time, but it will happen.

Then we can talk about things like redoing this so the ToC is integrated with ONE page. I’d loose the background, but it may be for the best.

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