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Real Men

This is a list that came to me while I was in a Laundromat, doing the family clothes.  I had been folding my wife’s bras along with my daughter’s, hanging up my clothes and noticed some of the men there looking at me in sympathy.  I realized that they though less of me because I was folding bras and panties, as if that somehow made me “unmacho” or “less of a man”.  I realized just how much time, effort and energy the male has invested in the illusion of “macho”.  Like holding your lady’s purse while she is in the bathroom will make your masculine parts fall off, like buying a box of tampons at the grocery store will make a guy grow breasts.

Gentlemen, it’s time to reclaim our real machismo, not thorough staying away from anything feminine, but through actually honoring our sense of self, acting in the manner that is best for everyone, trying to make the world a better place, and passing that along to our sons, so they don’t feel embarrassed to purchase a tube of lipstick or a pair of pantyhose for their ladies.

If you have a good couplet to add to this list, please send it in to daven@davensjournal.com [1] and I will read it over and see if it’s appropriate.  I DO claim final say in whether or not it goes up here.

Update 11-11-09: This list has been reprinted in Isaac Bonewits’ book “The Pagan Man” [2].  The following list was written by my daughter a few months back and left as a “sticky note” on my computer desktop for me.


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