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Well, there are other places than here that I’m published on. And it’s time for blatant self promotion.

One of those places is at Rending the Veil, a resource for magicians. It’s a webzine for those who practice magick, not just witchcraft or the occasional spell, this is for those who incorporate magick in every aspect of their life.

Most of those who are contributing to it tend to be members of esoteric orders like the OTO, The Golden Dawn, Alchemists, Chaos Magicians and so on, even to the experimental magicians.

So why am I there? To be honest, I asked. I want to be self depreciating and modest and say I’m nothing special, but that wouldn’t be honest. I do feel that I’m special and that the magick I use that I do incorporate it into every aspect of myself. I have worked very hard on that. And while I may not be pushing the envelope, I feel that I have been using magick to the fullest extent it can be used. I travel every night, I have five or six simulacrums of myself working for me at any given time. And I work very hard at self improvment.

See, magick is the quest for the ultimate self discovery. It is the medium to get to self actualization. Yeah, the increased control of the world around you is very nice and being able to cast the dice in your favor, but the ultimate goal is SELF control, SELF discipline. To be able to do what you want because you are master of yourself is the goal.

So I am very glad that I can contribute to other’s quests to do the same.

Best thing is that I’m not classically trained in any aspect of magick. I have read, studied, meditated, worked and applied lessons learned from every part of my life and used it in the quest for the Philosopher’s Stone, to finally allow me to transmute the base metal of myself into the gold of a perfected human being.

I’m also contributing my reviews to The Wiccan/Pagan Times. I’m glad that I can share my views to others and help them to keep some of their money in their pockets, if only so they don’t get bad information or easily dismissed “facts”.

So I’m glad more people are getting exposed to my writings. It helps to know that I’m doing a good job.

So now, I have an article submitted to Rending the Veil, and a fictional story. Any reviews dealing with magick that are applicable, I’ll share with them as well.

Now to motivate myself to finish my manuscripts. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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