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Okay, here we go, another one…

I get SO FREAKING TIRED of misinformation and supposition being spread around as “fact”.

One example of this is “9 Million European Women being burned at the stake during the Burning Times”.

I mean, MY FREAKING FUCKING HORNY GOD, how difficult is it to type in “9 million women” into Google and do a little RESEARCH on this topic? It has been so thoroughly debunked at this point that there are entire sites dedicated to this myth and to busting it wide open. Five minutes. Five FREAKING minutes of research.

Is that REALLY that onerous and so hard? Are those who don’t do this kind of research REALLY that lazy?

ANY fact is like that. A fact can stand up under the light of scrutiny. A fact is supported by evidence. Doing research into a fact has NEVER harmed anyone, and most times it has helped many out.

An opinion is unsupported by evidence and can collapse under scrutiny. But still there are those who love their opinions so much that they continue to cling to them despite mounds of evidence to the contrary. This is one of the hallmarks of being a fluffy-bunny is holding on to an opinion despite being proven wrong.

It’s also a hallmark of a child, one who is so threatened that they cannot have anything they believe challenged or they will break down and cry.

Other “facts” that are regularly challenged and proven to be incorrect are:

The Druids survived the Romans
Only Witches were killed in the Burning Times

and many others.

I also can’t stand those in forums who sanctimoniously start hitting me with the Clue By Four when I start pointing out that their opinon is not a fact. I have the facts on my site, and I’m not politically correct nor am I willing to pull punches when it comes to challenging incorrect “facts”. Being told to grow up, open my mind, have a spine or to be nice makes me want to be even nastier.

I’m generally a nice guy, I am typically calm and collected, but when I get told to back off and to be nice, I go nuts.

Do some goddamned research before opening your mouth and showing just how ignorant you are.

“Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.” –Abraham Lincoln.

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