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This is a list of questions I got in an email. Apparently the person had sent this several times trying to get them answered. I don’t know if they got it in response, but here are the questions and my answers.

1. What makes a God a God and not just some higher being worshipped because it has more power than us?
Basically the belief of his followers. If they believe him to be a god, then a god he is. If they believe him to be an evolved and more powerful spirit, then that is what he is.

Or do all the gods rule over something in all infinite realms, like one god rules over all the poetry in all the realms?
To my understanding, there are deities that are more related to areas of human interest, such as poetry and writing. Typically there tends to be one in each pantheon of a certain aspect. One ruler over ALL human endeavour in one area? no. That I don’t believe.

2. What were some of the untamde wilds you’ve been to while astral traveling and what did you find in there?
Imagine being caught in a whirlpool of color. That’s what the “wilds” typically manifest to me as.

3. How do you know your entering a new realm?
An extreme change of scene or people. Like a scene change from inside to outside in a movie.

4. Are all realms infintely big?
As far as I have been able to tell.

5. Can you automatically tell if something is a thoughtform or do they instantly became as real as you and me, and if this was true could this be how gods were created?
This is kind of like asking if someone is adopted or not. IT doesn’t matter since they exist and should be related to on that level. But no, they don’t have a SIMs plumbob over their heads.

6. I know in the stars wars movie they only talked about one galaxy so in the star wars realm was there a whole universe with many many galaxies?
In their reality, there are many galaxies, they were talking about their own.

7.IF this question offends you in anyway just say it but what do you knwo about astral sex I hear its a very popular thing?
Astral sex is a way to become intimate with another person. The degree of connection between people on the astral can only be comparred to sex in the material plane.

8. What techinque do you use for astal projection? If you would like to share?
I’ve shared it many times on my site.

9. How long did it take to create a race of humans?
I have no idea. For me it was a short time, I don’t know about their evolution.

10. Do the race of beings you created now worship a pantheon of gods?
Possibly. The spirits I asked to protect and guide them have pretty much asked me to stay away.

11. Did they worship you like a god in the pocket of astral you created?
No. I stopped that fast. I was considered to be the Intercessor, a person who was a go between between them and the Gods.

12.Could the beings you created astral project here to this realm to see you?
I know the original inhabitants could, don’t know about the descendants.

13. Do you still interact with the beings you created or do they have a king/president or something like that?
As I said above, I was asked to stay away.

14. The elves that tried to take people away were they created by a astral traveler or a creation made by the gods?
As far as I know, they were inhabitants of the Astral worlds. Beyond that, I haven’t a clue.

15. Did the people in the star wars universe have gods or God in their universe?If so who were they?
I’m sure there were religions and mythologies, but what they were I dont’ know.

16. what was the most beautiful being you’ve ever seen in any of the realms?
The people I love.

17 what was the ugliest being you’ve ever seen in a realms?
All the crap created by the human race ill-wishing others.

18. What was the scariest being you ever saw in a realm?
The one that scared me the most? A being that possessed my wife and wouldn’t let go. I was afriad I would have to destroy her body to keep more evil from happening.

19.Did you ever have to kill a being while in a other realm?
Many times.

20. Were there any other beings you saw in the astral realm that was born in the astral realm and not created there by some other being?
There are.

21. How does it feel to know all this stuff is real and that there is a afterlife, what I’m really asking is how does it feel to no longer have faith but to know?
It has taken my fear of death away completely. I don’t fear dying, having my relatives die, my friends or loved ones die. I know they will be there at some point and that I can see them again.

22. Have you ever gotten a being from another realm mad at you or wished to kill you?
Many times.

23.What was the coolest item you ever saw in another realm?
There’s nothing like that. Items and physical objects, even ones of magickal power are always fluid and can be destroyed/created with little effort.

24. What was the weirdest realm you ever travelled to?
I have no idea.

25. Did any of the dragons you talk to have gods they worshiped, sorry forgot you answered that one.
They have not confided that to me.

26. What sort of being did you use the light saber on?
That’s just how I see my primary weapon while on the Astral as. I’ve used it on many bad people at times.

27.How could you describe having an OBE to another person?
That’s described on my website.

28.How does entering a new realm feel like?
Honestly? It feels as though you walked into another room, if each room were its own movie. Things change, people change, circumstances change. IT’s like the transition between dreams.

29. Can you leave one realm instantly for another?

30. Have you ever gone back in time or forward and did you see any famous people in the past or the end or the world in the future?
By famous I assume that you mean people listed in history books. I have and can, but I didn’t. I found *significant* people to see/interact with. And significant people are vastly different than famous. And significant is also subjective.

31. Do our gods in this realm have any power in others?
Since their power is based on believers, I don’t know. It is possible, and on the Astral they are really powerful, but other realms? I don’t know.

32. Do any other beings in other realms worship gods from this realm?
I’m sure there are, but I don’t know for a fact.

33. Have you heard of the theory of the ancient gods accutally being aliens from another planet like the grey aliens?
I’ve heard this theory several times.

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