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Productive night

Productive night last night.

Just for those of you who don’t know, I’m close to testing to graduate the Foclac grade in the ODU now. But this test is a verbal one. So, Kenn White, the head of the Order, has come down from his home and is staying with me for a while.

I got him yesterday, and I’ll be sending him off on Tuesday. Last night we spent a lot of time talking, he interviewed me as he would a prosepctive student, we came to a meeting of the minds on many things. We went over our goals for the ODU, talked about some duties he wishes me to take on, talked about my initiation, and goals for ourselves and our order.

All I can say is “wow”.

This is one of those times when one actualy starts thinking and working for a goal greater than oneself, and it can be transformative. I’m still assimilating too many of the changes to go through all of them right now.

I’ll post more as time goes on.