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Problem Resolved

Okay, the problem I was having with the site was resolved. It appeared that someone hacked the routers that contain the addresses of the pages and changed where “davensjournal.com” pointed to.

It would be like someone breaking into the post office and changing the address cards for me in one place. All the mail that went through that post office would get directed to another place, but all the rest would come in fine. Unfortunately it was my “local postoffice” so my mail went wrong too.

I asked my webhost to push down the correct addresses to the routers again (just like she was setting up a new domain for me) and she did so. That seems to have fixed the problem, so the site is back up and working right again.

Good thing since I have a post that is part blog post, part article. I’m going to put up a several paragraph excerpt tomorrow when I go live with the real article. I had it up in my personal Livejournal, and it’s sparked debate, but I still want to post it. Have to add a few things though.

Oh, and on the topic of my Livejournal: That is essentially my personal journal of me, my inner thoughts, bitches, complaints, ideas and so on. I don’t let everyone see it because that is the man behind the Druid/Witch, and I want to keep that private. So if you find me there, don’t expect that I’m going to add you immediately. Just keep that in mind.

Till next time….

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