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Press Release


Press Release

—- Please forward this intact to any and all interested parties and groups. Heck, forward it even if you don’t think they will be interested. —-

Daven’s Journal is pleased to announce the First Chapter of what I hope becomes a regular feature, The Child’s Book of Wicca. With the addition of Liliane Grenier to the staff, the hopes and dreams of Daven have started to become a reality. The Child’s Book of Wicca is finally being illustrated.

Because the story itself is free, the book with the pictures in it will have a slight cost. Two Dollars American will be the price and you can download a copy instantly upon payment.

Future plans for the Child’s Book series include

* Putting all finished copies on a CD to be purchased and mailed to recipients for approximately $10 to $15 each. This will have all the finished chapters on it (at least 5 chapters), all the wallpapers that will be being given out as a promotional tool, and will have a link to the future releases of the Child’s Book. In other words, you pay a one-time fee and you will be able to receive future chapters at no additional cost.

* A print on demand option. One of the things that current feedback has shown is that parents wish to have the book in their hands for their children. Given that, when there are enough stories and enough capital available, I will be exploring a “Print on Demand” option for each story. I am not sure how much this will be yet, but stay tuned for future updates.

* If publishers show interest in this work, it may even become available in your local bookstore or from Amazon as any other book is. This would be the best of all worlds, and I will be working toward that option.

Currently there is one book available for download, “Chapter 1, Rhiannon” in which we meet the characters and the main character, Sarah, meets the Goddess. There is some discussion about what the Goddess is, what She does. The illustrations are rich and vibrant, sure to be a joy for your children to look at. At the same time this is a teaching tool, and as such there is a section after the story of suggested discussion questions for you and your child, along with activities to underscore the lessons learned.

This is one of my long-term dreams coming true and if you have little ones from about 4 years old to about 7 or so, then I think this will be a tool for you.

The link to purchase this is at http://davensjournal.com/category/fiction. As always the stories themselves are free, but the illustrations will cost a bit. I will warn you, the download is approximately 3.5 MB, so it will take some time to download on a dial-up modem. You will also need WinZip to extract the PDF file, but once that is done, you can read it over and over again.

This is but the first in a long line of these Craft-oriented Chapter books.

Thank you all for your support.


—- Please forward this intact to any and all interested parties and groups. Heck, forward it even if you don’t think they will be interested. —-

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