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I was asked a question in an email group, and this is the answers I came up with.

The basic question was “what do you believe helps you in your spiritual quest?” They were looking for statements of faith that you hold to.

These are mine:

Honor the ancestors, for without them you would not be alive.
Honor the Earth as a living thing, for all creation is connected.
Use what you take, take what you need and no more.
Strive to be part of Nature, not above it or it’s master.
Humans are the most complex animals. Treat them that way.
Other animals deserve respect for their lives, if only because they are living.
Do not be afraid to use the bounty of the Earth, that’s what it is there for.
Understand that you too will one day be food.
Understand that the Earth will use you at some point.
Learning from books is fine, but you learn more from the trees than the paper.
Everyone has an inherant dignity.
Understand yourself and with that you will understand all others.
Respect is earned, not given. Strive to earn that respect.
The sole purpose of our existance is to improve ourselves.
This Land* is not all there is.
The best lessons come in the simplest and most innocuous packages.

*In this case, the Land is referring specifically to all that is physical. The Earth refers to this living planet we live on as well as the spirit of that planet.