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Practice, practice

One time, just once, go outside at about 2 AM and do a ritual. Do it when the Moon is in the sky, when she is near full or full. Do it in shorts or with the minimal clothing you can get away with. Do it with no tools, no books or candles, just an athame and you. Do it and mean it. Do it when the wind is blowing slightly across your skin.

You will find that doing so creates some sort of change in you and in the ritual that causes it to be even more powerful than it normally would. You would be shocked at how many Wiccans of long standing do so.

Something we forget inside our shields and wards is that there are times when you can’t shield to do a ritual, since doing so will defeat the purpose of the ritual in the first place. Summon the deities to you without a Circle. Yes, the sacred space changes, but you will find that more of the deity comes to you and more of the Gods hit you in the “face” without your protections than normally. You will feel their presence more strongly than normally.

Many of us are forgetting the little things of our Practice that attracted us to it in the first place. I have had conversations with people who don’t know what it’s like to listen to the trees talk. To sit and try to understand what the brook is babbling about. Where the wind went to and why it came back. They don’t listen to the songs of birds anymore, and that’s sad.

In a forum I’m part of, one person asked if the trees talked to this one gentleman. I respnded that the trees always are talking, that the trick is to listen to them. And that is most definately the trick, listening.

Too often we get so caught up in being right, in being the big bad witch on the block, in being the Elder who knows all, that we forget to go back and look at the beginning steps again. It’s one reason that most Martial Arts make the student go back and demonstrate that they still retain and can do things they learned in the beginning stages when they test for a new rank.

It’s something that we all should be doing as well.

So, even if you have an entire temple in your home, even if you have very elaborate set ups in that temple that allow you to achieve Sacred Space and Consciousness Shift in a matter of moments, even if you can do a ritual start to finish in just a few moments, pack it up and go to the park. Do a ritual because you can do a ritual. That’s all you need, yourself and some willpower. Do that and remember what it was like when you and the grasses communed with the birds, and all of you would listen to the Stars sing once in a while.