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Pagan Publishing

I was reading Jason’s Fourth Pagan Carnival and there were many entries about Pagan Publishing, and I can say it’s a subject near and dear to my heart.

I have to say that I’ve contemplated many of the topics raised in the blog entries referenced (and I wrote one of them LOL) and I can only offer the conclusions I’ve come to.

On the topic of “same old Wicca 101 crap” and why many pagan authors re-write the same thing again, I think I have an insight. It’s not that they want to re-write, it’s simply that they think they have a unique perspective to offer.

Some of these ideas explored in the various books require some context as well. Given that, there are times when you have to explain what the holidays mean so you can understand the ritual in the proper context later. For instance, my friend Seshen is a Lycian Witch. I don’t completely understand her practice, but I know that if I wanted to read a book written by her on some topic, I would have to understand the context she is putting the information in. This means that she is going to have to explain her beliefs, even though 99% of it is going to be the same as what is out there. But it’s required to understand what is going on and how the information is being presented.

Also in my work with the various holidays and deities, I have come to understand some things. Those moments of UPG are important to me and they can have an impact on what I am relating to you. Therefore I may have to cover some basics AGAIN to be able to relate this piece of information to you correctly, with the goal of getting you to understand it how I understand it.

Now, it may or may not be necessary, but in order to ASSURE that you have the same knowledge I have, then that’s important to relate.

Now, I agree that writing a whole book of the basics of Wicca is not necessary anymore. There are enough books out there that a prospective student can go and pick them up and get most of the same info. All I have to do at that point is to fill in the gaps in knowledge that you may not have. It will take time, but that is where the art is at these days.

We no longer have to educate the public at large as to what Wicca is, most of the information is out there. If we want our mother in law to understand our religion, we don’t have to pick up the latest book from Silver RavenWolf and force her to read the pablum that’s coming out now, instead you simply buy “Witchcraft Today” from Cunningham and give it to her instead.

I think the context of some of the information is important, but I don’t think that the prevalence of the same material is necessary.

So I make a promise, whenever I write a book, I will put the material in context, but not repeat the same stuff.

Where should the current publishing world go? That’s a hard one. I think Wicca has been done to death. I’m glad to see some books coming out about Asatru and other Northern Traditions. I would like to see more books exploring PAGANISM, in all it’s flavors. From Druidism to Feri to Dianic to Theistic Satanism and so on. THOSE are books that I would like to see next. I would like to see depth to some of the information out there. Books (in depth books) about the use of aromatherapy. Books for healers on energy work and how to heal with energy, books on the Spirit Animals and what they represent to each of the Native Tribes and things like that.

There are multiple areas that are untapped as far as needed knowledge goes. It is those books that need to be written now. Those are the Paganism 202 books that are needed. Expansion of knowledge is the order of the day.

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One Response to “Pagan Publishing”

  1. Lupa says:

    Yep. We’ve been needing fresh words in pagan publishing for years. Smaller presses are more able to get those voices out there because the bottom line is different, but even middle sized ones are starting to diversify.

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