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HomeThe Tree Ostara (Spring Equinox) Sabbat

Ostara (Spring Equinox) Sabbat


March 21

[Erecting the Temple is performed. Priest and Priestess kiss. There may be spring flowers on the Altar and around the Circle. On the Altar, next to the Sword, rest a Phallic Wand. Also on the Altar is a small bowl with fresh soil and, beside it, a large seed of some sort.]

Priest: Wiccans all, harken to me!
Awake! It is time to greet the Spring.
Freya, Lady of Light, hear us!
Woden, Lord of Life, hear us!
We are here to celebrate both with you and for you.

[Priestess raises her arms high.]

Priestess: Welcome, welcome, beautiful Spring!
Now let us join together, inspired by the Gods.
Let us cast behind us the darkness of Winter,
And look again forward to that which lies ahead.
Now it the time for Birth.
Now is the time for the planting of seeds.

[Priestess lowers her arms. Priest takes up the Phallic Wand and holds it out, vertically, before him.]

Priestess: By the power of the raised Wand
Doth the Seed find the Furrow.
Blessings be upon this handsome Wand.

[Priest turns to face her. She kisses the tip of the Wand.]

Priestess: All honor to it;
May it ever be thus.

All: All power to it;
All power!
For Love is here.
Blessed Be!

[Priest and Priestess lead a dance around the Altar, Priest carrying the Phallic Wand. All sing as they dance. When they have danced sufficiently, the stop.* Priestess takes up the bowl of Earth.]

Priestess: Of old would we celebrate by together planting
The seed, one with another,
Yet here do we symbolize that act,
In veneration of our Lady and our Lord.

[Priestess turns to face the Priest and holds the bowl close, between her breasts. Priest takes the Wand and carefully makes a depression in the soil, in the center of the bowl. Priest replaces the Wand on the Altar and takes up the seed from the Altar, and holds it cupped in his hands over the bowl.]

Priest: These Rites of Spring belong to all;
To us and to the Gods.
This is a joyous time.
This is a time for planting.

[He places the seed in the depression and covers it with Earth.]

Priest: This seed I do place in the womb of the Earth,
That it may become a part of the Earth,
A part of Life,
A part of us.
Blessed be the Gods!
Blessed are the Wiccans!
Let Love abound!
All: Love! So be it!

[Priest and Priestess kiss, then the Priestess replaces the bowl on the Altar. All kiss one another.

Then follows the ceremony of Cakes and Alt, followed by games and merriment.]

* This part may be done if moved by the spirit. The singing and dancing are optional. Other power-raising chants or rites may be done instead.

© Raymond Buckland, 1970, The Tree.  Used by Permission.

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