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One tiny bit of clarification


Yesterday I posted about a new article I wrote (Hatred and Debate) and I mentioned in there that we must confront the fundamentalists of any religion and make sure they know they are wrong.

A reader pointed out to me that doing that makes us no better than them. So I’m clarifying here.

They are not wrong in their beliefs, only in their attempt to get their beliefs turned into my laws.

Anyone can believe anything they want. It may be incorrect by observable fact, but it still is not going to change that they can believe it. What I object to is when they take a belief and try to get it mandated for the rest of us.

Believe all you want that Abortion is wrong and that those who support homosexuals are insane and should be locked up. But I will oppose you at every step when you try to turn those beliefs into a set of laws that I have to obey. If I tried to get my belief that slavery (for those who want it) should be legal turned into a law, I would have the whole world come down on me for it.

So keep that in mind. Believe what you want, let others believe what they want, but don’t try to turn those beliefs into laws or I will be in your face.

That is what I was trying to say.

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