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HomePosts, Rant Okay, this is just stupid.

Okay, this is just stupid.


Okay, this was sent to me by my lady. If this is taken to where it could be, by logic, sharing a link to ANY website with anyone could be seen as copyright infringement. Seriously. If they can interpret it so that a video link is infringement, then you linking to my website’s article is too. Do that, and the Internet STOPS.

Go read, please.

Friends —

Ever sent someone a link to a copyrighted YouTube video? Of course — everybody has. And now the US Government seems to think that means it can put us in prison.

Bryan McCarthy ran a website, channelsurfing.net, that linked to various websites where you could watch online streams of TV shows and sports networks. A couple months ago, the government seized his domain name and on Friday they _arrested him_ for criminal copyright infringement.

But the government doesn’t even allege he made a copy of anything! Just that his site _linked_ to various sites with copyrighted material. Under that sort of thinking, everyone who’s sent around a link to a copyrighted YouTube video is a criminal.

You can fight back by clicking here:


This is another shocking overreach by the department of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) — a steamship-era department that’s proving once again it doesn’t understand the Internet. We need to push back — and fast — before they try to lock up all Americans.

Just click here to sign Demand Progress’s petition to ICE:



So freaking stupid. This is what our government is coming to.

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