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Okay, donations needed

Well, going to try this again.
We are going to court on the 22nd.  Why?  We owe our complex $5000 in rent.  It’s mainly because of me being out of work some, trying to get a job, trying to get another income.  So we fell behind and that’s it.  The complex won’t work with us anymore and didn’t want to send us to the collections BECAUSE they understand, but the owners don’t care, they just want their money.Needless to say, we don’t have it.

Add into this that we had to spend $1100 on our car recently simply so we can get back and forth to work, I’ve been out sick while I adjust to new diabetes medications, we had our daughter move back home and were supporting one friend for a month while she got her life together (co-workers and anime geek),

I wouldn’t be asking if this weren’t the last hope.  Our family is tapped out, they have their own financial problems, we don’t have any place to go to from here.  The current plan is to get a storage unit and move everything we own into that, and live in a hotel room. But that takes money too, storage rental and moving expenses.

So, here it is.

I need your help.  WE need your help.  Two cats, my wife, myself, my daughter.  (this is the guilt part)

If you have any spare cash, anything that you can share with us, please, my paypal is daven@davensjournal.com at Paypal and you will save our bacon.

The only other things I can think of is to sell some of our possessions, like my daughter’s flute.  Nothing else we have is even close to what we need. We don’t have a plasma (old tube TV from my grandfather), we have computers that are like 5 years out of date, and a broken washing machine.  So it’s like, yeah… we’re fucked.

Even if you can’t give us anything, which I totally understand, could you at LEAST reblog this so others can see it and maybe help us out that way?

Thank you.

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