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There are a plethora of sites out there which will give you the basic to-do's and elementary concepts of Witchcraft, especially "Wicca".


This is The Obsidian Mirror: a collection of advanced theological, sociological, political and magical concepts from one pissed off pagan's point of view. You're damn right I'm pissed off, and I'm probably pissed off at you too. You're damn right I'm an asshole, but at least I'll admit it. If more pagans were as pissed off as I am, maybe something would get done about the persecution that all these witchypoos piss and moan about.

         You read my disclaimer, right? If you didn't, read it. I'm not repeating it again. So. Read on, and entertain a different point of view. Just so you know, I've been called everything from "the stupidest asshole alive" to one of the most brilliant people on the planet. Judge for yourself. However, I am certain that I will challenge your world view at least once, and whether it regards something as superficial as profanity to something as deep as changing your concept of Divinity, it will happen. I'll blow the lid on quite a few stereotypes and maybe even a few secrets that circle beneath the shroud of the "occult" as you know it. I'm bound to piss off as many fellow Witches as I am Christians. All the better: Galileo was accused of heresy for suggesting that Earth was round...

         So whether you're here to stimulate your mind, to collect argument fodder, to learn some advanced magical techniques, or just to kill some time off, I've got you in mind. Remember, if you want to send some words my way, I'll be happy to receive them. Of course, I'd be even happier if you signed my guestbook too, even if it's to flame me.

         Remember that this site is always under construction. Check the Update Log to see what exactly I've done since you last checked.

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