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No, you are not being psychically attacked

So, you have bad luck in your life. You have things happen to you that make you think you are being attacked psychically? You think that you are being persecuted by some entity or unknown enemy?

Hate to break this to you, but the chances are that you are NOT being attacked. It’s more likely that you simply have some bad luck.

Everyone in the world has bad things happen to them. They cut themselves shaving, they fall down, they have birds crap on their car. Each thing that happens really does have a cause, but it’s not necessarily because someone has it out for you.

See, things like this are misinterpreted all the time. Normal mundane bad luck and consequences are misidentified all the time. I get sick of it since there is absolutely no reason for someone to think that this string of bad luck that they are experiencing is in any way connected with a psychic attack.

I’ll give you some hints from someone who actually HAS been attacked psychically on more than one occasion: A psychic attack hurts you. You get headaches, unexplained nosebleeds, vomiting, shooting pains that have nothing to do with what you have been doing, vertigo and dizziness. Those are symptoms of someone trying to hurt you. That and unexplained emotional mood swings, going from a really good mood to the depths of depression without being a manic depressive, unexplained desire to kill yourself or fear/terror with no rational explanation.

Getting an F on your report card is not a Psychic attack. Getting a cut from the knife you are sharpening is not a psychic attack. Having the knife rise up and attack you would probably be a psychic attack.

When I talk to others and when I read online about the litany of ills someone has been undergoing and then to hear (or read) them say “I’m probably being psychically attacked” makes me want to choke them. In every case I have ever studied, if you go and look at the life they have been leading, each and every instance they are talking about which they cite as proof of a psychic attack can be explained as simple cause and effect.

For instance, person starts talking about how they have constant headaches, how their pet died of heartworm with no symptoms previous to this, how their children are disrespecting them now, how they have a compulsion to eat, how they can’t keep a job to save their life, how it hurts to walk and how their husband beats them. They use this as “proof” that they are being psychically attacked and that others are so intimidated by their power that they have to be put down.

When I actually looked at their life, I discovered some things. First the dog was a stray and never taken to the vet. They are about 150 lbs overweight, which would explain the hurting feet and the headaches (high blood pressure). Her kids were teenagers, which automatically makes them sassy and prone to talking back. They can’t keep a job because they can’t do the job they were hired for, like standing and making fries or running a cash register, plus she’s sneaking food at work, and only going in when she feels like working, not when she’s scheduled. Her husband beats her because she’s a pain in the ass and he’s an abuser. No one is buying any flowers from her (her independent job she started to try to make money) because she is not a sales person. She doesn’t have money because she gambles it all away, including the bills and rent money.

Yes, I knew a lady like this who was convinced she was under an evil curse and/or psychic attack.  These aren’t psychic attacks, these are normal cause and effect consequences of actions.

All those of you who have claimed to be attacked psychically, I want you to LOOK at your life, dispassionately. I want you to pull back from the situations you find yourself in and ask yourself honestly if there is some part of it that YOU caused through the way you live your life. Look at the situations and see if there was a start to it and if there is an end if you change some part of what you do.

One of the reasons I don’t have much money is not because I suffer from people trying to put me down or psychically attacking me, but because I spend my money on creature comforts and because I made a VERY bad choice when I was young and have since incurred a HUGE debt now. Those are MY problems and why I have the problems in my life now, I can’t blame them on someone else or their hatred of me.

Oh sure, it’s flattering to think that I’m such a threat to Modern Neo-Paganism that I have all kinds of enemies out there who need to put me down. That I’m such a revolutionary force that I have to have a secret cabal of folks who need to put me in my place because they are threatened by my mad skillz. It’s not true, mind you, but it’s nice to be thought of that way.

If the truth be told, I probably have about 5 people who really actively hate me and all I stand for. Of whom, 3 of them are well known trolls who hate everyone and are pretty ineffective as a result, since they are so well known. The other two have pretty much taken the attitude of “you leave me alone and I’ll leave you alone.” As long as I’m not in their face, they leave me alone. Which suits me fine. They stay out of my way, and I’ll stay out of theirs.

None of those people have reason or need to psychically attack me. I’m sure there are some who have tried, and I know of two attempts, but basic precautions have deflected those problems. So I am not being psychically attacked, and I know it. Therefore, I have nothing to fear from the mass of humanity.

It’s not that I’m better than anyone else, it’s simply that no one has any reason to “attack” me. And despite everything, people don’t go around and randomly attack others simply because they can. The cases of random attacks like that are so rare that they are almost non-existent, and I have NEVER heard of a credible random psychic attack among the psychic or metaphysical community.

Why is this you may ask? Good question. The simple answer is that the kinds of problems that tend to manifest as random attacks on strangers among the general populace at large generally aren’t found in the practitioners of esoteric or metaphysical disciplines. Insanity, instability, mental aberration all can and do lead to separation from reality, disassociative disorders, paranoia and schitzophrenia, which can have an other wise normal person picking up an axe and killing a block or two of people. Normally these kinds of syndromes either do not appear or have been weeded out among the metaphysical community by the very initiations that are mandated by many esoteric schools. And even if someone were to go nuts and start randomly attacking people after they were accepted in a community, NORMALLY they will start with physical tools, like their hands or with a hammer, not with pulling out the spellbook. This is because magick and psychic attacks take focus and concentration, the kind that generally is not possible with a severe mental disorder.

The chances of you being genuinely psychically attacked are next to nil. Does this mean that it’s never going to happen? Not at all. I’m saying that Occam’s Razor says that “no it’s not a psychic attack.” These attacks occasionally do happen, and I stress the “occasionally” in there. Maybe one in 20 million cases of bad luck are actually attributable to a psychic attack. Although in this case, this kind of litany of bad luck should probably be acknowledged as a hex or a curse. It can happen, but once again, it’s improbable to the point of being dismissed from serious consideration.

So, are you going to be one of those odd people who are “blessed” by being attacked? Probably not. The most simple explanation is most likely the true one, and in this case it means that you are probably not being attacked.

But you can still do a couple things to keep yourself safe, and just to make sure. Shields and Wards. Those are the simplest protections you can devise and in every case of genuine psychic attack I have experienced and heard of, they prevented that attack from doing any damage completely. It’s simply a wall of psychic energy that you put up to keep you safe. In fact, you probably have natural shields in place already, it’s called your aura. This is simply a refinement of that. It’s the psychic equivalent of being indoors while it is raining. There are articles on this site about how to create and maintain shields or wards of your own.

Other than that, just be careful. Just like any other “keep you safe” advice, just keep your head down and try not to make yourself a target. Simply by keeping your nose short and by not trying to be the big bad authority on the block, you can probably keep out of most of the problems that are out there. Do speak up when necessary, but don’t try to cause problems for yourself. If a bar fight started while you were there, you wouldn’t walk into the middle of it, you may get hit. More likely you would avoid that situation. Same principle applies here.

If you still think you are being psychically attacked, go to someone you trust and get an objective opinion. NOT someone on the Internet, but actually someone who can look at your aura, who knows your situations and your life, who can give an objective opinion one way or the other. Your High Priestess or High Priest would be a good starting place.

And if enough people say “you aren’t being attacked”, you probably aren’t no matter what you may think.

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